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Shape Of The Wind

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Status: Ongoing Network: Studio: Duration: 20 min per ep Season: Country: Type: Donghua Episodes: 20 Censor: Censored Posted by: Narul Donghua Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Shape Of The Wind

Shape Of The Wind Story takes place in the virtual world of Kunlun, the four continents of the Windy Continent, and focuses on the story of the protagonist, Lancelot, who goes through a lot of trials and tribulations to become a king and unify the Windy Continent. In Hangzhou, the wild boy Lanslow meets the wandering princess Xiao Cao, who is dressed as a man, and at the Broken Bridge he meets the young master of the Dragon Clan, Zi Yu, who is living in Hangzhou to cure his illness. Lancelot falls in love with Ziyu at first sight and vows to do great things to win the hearts of beautiful people. In Hangzhou, Lancelot starts to pursue Ziyu, without noticing that Xiaocao has fallen in love with him. He and Xiao Cao are chased by Mr. Chi, who is trying to recover the country by any means, and save Feng’er, who is transformed into a cat girl, during their adventure. Meanwhile, Ziyu is secretly protecting the two at the behest of her brother Zhou Gongjin. It turns out that Lancelot’s mysterious celestial blood origin has been coveted by Zhou Gongjin, who is hiding behind the scenes, and only by getting Lancelot can she get the secret book Heavenly Demon Sutra and cure Ziyu’s hidden disease under the Thunder Peak Tower. Zhou Gongjin instructed Ziyu must kill Langslow after success, in Langslow’s pursuit of Ziyu countless oolong, Ziyu found himself in love with this mountain roughneck, in the duel moment against the wishes of the division to protect Langslow. In the underground treasure vault of the Leifeng Tower, all the contradictions intertwined together in a concentrated explosion, Langslow finally eliminated the dark forces of Mr. Red, Zi Yu get ice cicada, although seriously injured Langslow but successfully concealed from Zhou Gongzheng, Langslow got the secret book Tianmujing, and in small grass inspired to open the Tianmujing, began the journey to dominate the continent.