Summer 2019

Battle Through the Heavens Specials 2: Song of Desert

Motion Magic
3 episodes · Special Completed 斗破苍穹特别篇2沙之澜歌

The tale of Ice Emperor and his journey as a mercenary. The story tells the story of twin Queen Medusas and their intervention with the Ice Emperor.


Gate of the Mysterious Realm

Ake Culture
20 episodes · Comic Completed 玄界之门

An artifact from heaven! A strange spirit infused in his blood! Gods will tremble! Demons will flee! A boy from the land of Dongzhou, with the skeleton of his childhood friend as his sworn companion. A story about the growth of a determined warrior. A legend that will shake the galaxy and rock the worlds of gods, demons, and men.

The General’s Unusual Wife

20 episodes · Comic Completed 将军妻不可欺

Lin Manyu did not expect the original marriage with the Long family that everyone envied to cause a terrible disaster, and 50 lives were lost. Hiding in the corpse, she gritted her teeth and vowed to the endless name of the dragon! With her hair cut and her breasts cut, Lin Jiao, the delicate girl of the Lin family, died. Only Lin Manchu was born again at this moment. Whenever there is a troubling time, just stay focused, don’t kill blood, and swear not to be human! Long Qi, wait for me to die!

The Prince has lovesickness

Ake Culture
20 episodes · Comic Completed 寡人有疾 其名相思

I just wanted to have a husband, but who knew that I’m a jinx to my future husband? Alright, no one has the courage to marry me. I could be doomed to a life of solitude. But, dear Imperial Uncle, may I have a discussion with you? Next time you come to my room, could you come in through the door? “No way, we’re dating secretly. Climbing through the window makes me feel better.”

The Wolf Princess

20 episodes · Comic Ongoing 玲珑狼心

The Xijue Kingdom is a country with beasts as totems. The king is brave and good at fighting, and constantly expands its territory, causing the surrounding neighboring countries to be worried and sending envoys to negotiate with each other. The South Chu Kingdom, which is far away on the border, sent the young Princess Linglong to the West Jue Kingdom to be with her. The emperor of Xijue Kingdom loved the little princess very much, built an elegant and mysterious Linglong Pavilion for her, and issued an edict to wait for the princess to choose the prince to marry when she became an adult, and she would be established as the new prince, causing an uproar inside and outside the court. The four sons of the emperor and his assistant ministers began to surging privately. The second prince manages the capital…