Summer 2022

A Will Eternal Season 2

54 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 一念永恒 传承篇

One will to create oceans. One will to summon the mulberry fields.

One will to slaughter countless devils. One will to eradicate innumerable immortals.

Only my will… is eternal.

A Will Eternal tells the tale of Bai Xiaochun, an endearing but exasperating young man who is driven primarily by his fear of death and desire to live forever, but who deeply values friendship and family.

A World Worth Protecting

Shanghai Foch Film Culture Investment
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 三寸人间

In the fantastic future world with rich spiritual energy, the enthusiastic and cheerful little fatty Wang Baole saw through the illusion created by the teachers in the entrance examination of the famous”Mischievous Taoist Academy”, who won high scores with his outstanding performance, and obtained the special quota of “Magic Soldier Department”. Later, he overcome obstacles and opened up his own way of growing. In the process of cultivating immortals and fighting monsters, he made a large number of close friends, and thus started a series of hilarious adventure stories.

Almighty Master

30 episodes · TV Ongoing 全能高手

Let’s take a look at our young hero here, who was born and entered the world of Martial Arts. There’s nothing that he cannot do! Be it music, chess, medicine, or even culinary arts. Pretending to be the weakest while he is the strongest. Women from left to right, look at how an orphan rise. An orphan who will solve numerous cases and who will become the master of the city!

Ancient Myth

60 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 万古神话

A small-town boy whose spiritual seed was abolished unexpectedly received the favour of an ancient treasure. In a prosperous world of martial arts, in a perilous situation, what should Wang Hao, who is in the centre of the whirlpool, do?

Bai Yao Pu Season 3

CMC Media, Haoliners Animation League
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 百妖谱 第三季

The third season of Bai Yao Pu.

Battle Through the Heavens Season 5

Motion Magic
104 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 斗破苍穹 年番

After three years-agreement, Xiao Yan finally met Xun Er at Jia Nan Academy. After that, he made close friends and established Pan’s Gate. The qi-refining tower swallows the fallen heart flame…

Battle Through The Heavens: The Origin

Motion Magic, Shanghai Foch Film and TV Culture Investment
3 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 斗破苍穹:缘起

In a land where no magic is present. A land where the strong make the rules and the weak have to obey. A land filled with alluring treasures and beauty, yet also filled with unforeseen danger. Three years ago, Xiao Yan, who had shown talents none had seen in decades, suddenly lost everything. His powers, his reputation, and his promise to his mother. What sorcery has caused him to lose all of his powers? And why has his fiancee suddenly shown up?

Blood and heart

Unity of Knowledge and Action Animation
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 血与心

This work tells the legendary life of Megumi Sunahara, a soldier of the Japanese People’s Liberation Army, and shows the true history of the little-known special group of the Japanese People’s Liberation Army. Sabara Megumi was born in the Kyushu region of Japan in 1933 and came to Northeast China with his parents when he was a child. After Japan’s defeat and surrender, he was unable to return to Japan and lived at a landlord’s house in Liaoning to herd cattle. In 1948, he joined the People’s Liberation Army under the name of “Zhang Rongqing”, where he experienced the battles of Liaoshen and Pingjin and devoted himself to the cause of the proletarian revolution.

Cinderella Chef Season 3

Wawayu Animation
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 萌妻食神 第3季

Ye Jiayao finds herself back in time in the body of Ye Jinxuan. After many twists, she thought that she would finally be able to lead a simple life and achieve her dream of opening the best restaurant in Huai Song. However, there are villains constantly trying to bring her down.

Crooked God of War

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 战神龙婿

Five years ago, his father’s company was framed by someone, and he lost his money. Jiang Beichen suffered humiliation in front of his relatives in order to treat his father’s illness and was even ruthlessly abandoned by his fiancee, and finally sank into the river. Five years later, he added glory to his body and returned strong. Not only did he sweep away all abuses and avenge his father, but he also stood on the top of Kyushu, overlooking the world.

Fairy Mountain

17 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 山海绝伦

The Immortality Mountain Sect is a super advanced civilization since ancient times. After a united kingdom was founded during East Sea Warring States Period, the King Feng sought to replace the Central Plains Kingdom and became the king of the entire land. He deliberated a war to conquer the Gaolai Kingdom to attack the Central Plains, while secretly searching for the legendary Immortality Mountain Sect for the essence of ancient civilization in order to obtain the secret of immortality…

God of War

? episodes · TV Ongoing 逆天战神

Hundred years ago, a generation of God of War Ye Qingyun was born, crushing the sons of various great figures, making the enemy frightened by the wind, but unexpectedly betrayed by his lover Luo Ling, brother wolf thirteen, and falling into the Devil Abyss! A hundred years later, all walks of life entered the golden age, and wicked characters emerged wildly! Ye Qingyun was reborn as a waste disciple of the Ye Family, a small family in the Eight Desolate Continent! Fate is reversed and fate is changed! In this life, I will not only crush the genius but also kill all those who bear me! A ruthless sword, a dragon-slaying knife, kill everything, unify the gods, dominate all things!

God Troubles Me Season 3

12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 汉化日记 第三季

Su Moting is a young woman with the identity of “the son of the gods and demons”. After being invited by her parents to leave the house on the grounds of “independence and self-improvement”, she meets a handsome little cute god who is also living in the world – Tian Ji Star and the mysterious calm and cool cat demon – Di Kui. Under the leadership of the land, the three formed a salvage group and began to stage a funny and heart-wrenching nonsensical daily life.

Great Journey Of Teenagers 2 Special

CG Year
1 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 少年歌行 风花雪月篇 特别篇

I Am Legend Season 2

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 炼气练了三千年 第二季

Three thousand years ago, Bai Qiuran was accepted as a disciple by the Qingming Taoist, After three thousand years, his teacher become immortal, the elder fails to cross the bullet, even the youngest sister builds base successfully, But Bai Qiuran experienced three thousand years of penance still just stay in the refining period, actually, his refining period has reached a great level, no matter the opponent is a fairy god or devil, he can easily win. Through his tireless efforts, he finally broke through!

I Can See the Success Rate Season 3

30 episodes · COMICS Completed 我能看到成功率 第三季

Bai Wu, who is frustrated with his life in the real world, suddenly gains the ability to see the success rate of events. Use the success rate to reach the pinnacle of life!

I Inherited a Sect

40 episodes · COMICS Completed 我继承了一座宗门

Yan Wu, the new generation head of Feixing Pavilion. Ben had no desire and no desire for Xiu Xian, but the ancestor who fell from the sky in the thundering thunder, asserted that he was an empty spiritual root, and he would not live to be twenty years old! In order to survive, he embarked on the road of cultivating immortals… With the strong support of his ancestors, Yan Wu and senior sister Lu Lianzi and other small partners revive Feixing Pavilion, cultivate and upgrade their forces along the way, break the monopoly of old sects, and disintegrate 300 years of conspiracy and tricks in the layout of the comprehension world. Yan Wu also figured out a set of cultivation methods, and also talked about a few vigorous romances along the way. This is the two or three things between the ancestor of Loli and the leader of the cultivator.

It Starts With A Mountain

Qiyuan Yinghua
12 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 开局一座山

Starting with a mountain fort with just his general and his squire, he will build it into a mighty fortress. A man was transmigrated into a war-torn world, in charge of a gang that was about to break up. In this kill-or-be-killed era, will he be a mountain bandit, content with robbing money, food, and girls to live an easy life? Or will he be more ambitious, set out to take on the world’s heroes, and build a legendary legacy? It’s time to ask the question: Men, do you have the courage?

Jade Dynasty

Cloud Art
52 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 诛仙

Zhang Xiaofan, who was tragically orphaned overnight, was accepted as a disciple by Qingyunmen. After five years of hard training, he excelled in the martial arts of the Seven Vessels of the Mastermen. Senior sister Lu Xueqi was in danger and met Baguio, the woman who rescued the demon sect. At the same time, new dangers were also waiting for him.

JX3: Chivalrous Hero Shen Jianxin 3rd Season

Shenying Animation
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 剑网3·侠肝义胆沈剑心 第三季

The third season of Jian Wang 3: Xia Gan Yi Dan Shen Jianxin.

Kongfu Master in the City Season 2

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 古武高手在都市第二季

China’s first soldier Luo Feng returned to the city and became the most outstanding student at Bauhinia University! While he is a high-scoring scholar, he also forcibly suppresses local snakes, punishes the black fox gang, and actively fights against evil forces. A school organized an autumn outing. Under the guidance of fate, Luo Feng obtained a mysterious exercise and opened the door to martial artist practice! Since then, he has solved various cases, saved all kinds of beauties, and paved his way to subvert the world of martial artists!

Library of Heaven’s Path

30 episodes · COMICS Completed 天道图书馆

Traversing into another world, Zhang Xuan finds himself becoming an honorable teacher. Along with his transcension, a mysterious library appears in his mind. As long as it is something he has seen, regardless of whether it is a human or an object, a book on its weaknesses will be automatically compiled in the library. Thus, he becomes formidable. “Monarch Zhuoyang, why do you detest wearing your underwear so much? As an emperor, can’t you pay a little more attention to your image?” “Fairy Linglong, you can always look for me if you find yourself unable to sleep at night. I am skilled in lullabies!” “And you, Demon Monarch Qiankun! Can you cut down on the garlic? Are you trying to kill me with that stench?” This is an incredible story about teachers and students, grooming and guiding the greatest experts in the world!

Love Between Fairy and Devil

Garden Culture
24 episodes · TV Completed 苍兰诀

The ancient demon, Dongfang Qingcang, who has been suppressed for a thousand years, comes back to the three worlds and starts a war between immortals and demons the moment he is reborn. In order to get out, the demon lord swaps souls with the immortal Lan Hua, who has difficulty controlling her magic power and accidentally kills her immortal body. In desperation, the two embarked on a journey to find a new body. Along the way, the two experienced all sorts of things, fighting and joking, and Lan Hua started to develop feelings for Dongfang Qingcang, but little does she know that all this time, Dongfang QingCang only used her as a tool to resurrect the ancient god of war Chi Di, and under the calm a larger conspiracy is also quietly carried out ……

Make Money to Be King

60 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 我靠充值当武帝

The earth's energy was depleted, Lin Yi changed his destiny and participated in the "Lingshen Continent" game closed beta, but he lost his memory due to a system failure and was trapped in the game. Plug-in, inexplicably embarked on the cultivation path, the only fly in the ointment is that this system is a bit of a waste of spirits. Cultivation progress is too slow? The exercises are not powerful enough? Weapons too weak? Simple, as long as there are enough spirit stones, any problem can be solved! In this way, relying on the blessing of the sky-defying system, Lin Yi crushed the whole way like a broken bamboo, several times in danger, rescued the mysterious girl Mo Baixue, broke through the army formation of armored soldiers, and defeated the huge boss who condensed the cold jade – guard the tomb. Beast, pass the test of demons… This continent seems peaceful, but in fact it is full of dangers. Lin Yigeng met Zhou Buzheng, who wanted to be his younger brother in danger, and Ji Yunyu, the ice cube-faced who didn't know each other. The mysterious old man Shangguan Hong, who only served roast chicken, has a long way to go. When Lin Yi relies on the system to be invincible, he is kidnapped by the beautiful royal sister Wu Tian and goes deep into the underground tomb to explore…

Master of the Star Spring

Xuan Yuan
48 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 星源之主

Su Jiu accidentally gained the power of “Star Spring” and became the master of it. For this, he set out for a cultivation journey with a fun and extraordinary experience.

Millenniums Of Warring States

Oriental Creative Color
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 战国千年

Ji Qing, the anchor of Gaowan, took the plug-in “Shaohao Bone” to travel through the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. However, the trajectory of history deviates, Jing Ke succeeded in stabbing Qin in Xianyang Palace, the seven kingdoms rose together, and the Warring States lasted for a thousand years. Heroes and Ren Yong coexist with hundreds of science and technology, and family loyalty and heroes are upheld. Let’s see Ji Qing, the immortal, who left Yongcheng, entered the school palace and used Jiuli’s capital to roam the chaotic world.

My Apprentices Are All Female Devils

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 徒弟都是女魔头

Upon waking up, Ye Bei found himself resurrected! Three hundred years have passed. All the apprentices who worked so hard to cultivate at the time have now become immortals and grown up. some are slim and graceful! Ye Bei, “Three hundred years…Three hundred years, it’s time to train for the teacher…No, I’m teaching you!”

My Disciples Are All Over the World

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 弟子遍布诸天万界

Lu Chen, an immortal, was trapped in the Chaos Realm for many years, when he awoke again he discovered a whole different world. The old continent shattered into countless pieces, the north and south poles reversed, the heavenly suns went from nine to one, the wild beasts vanished, and the humans, who had only one. small wild country a long time ago, have spread all over the world. A mangy dog he’d picked up in the past turned out to be the ruler of a kingdom, and a little girl he kindly adopted turned out to be an immortal…

My Fairy Lord

Ake Culture
12 episodes · COMICS Completed 我的神仙大人

The struggling actress Mo Xiaoxiao was down on her luck, until she ran into a god! It turned out the god was a god of love, and he was eager to introduce her to potential matches. But she laughed at his suggestion, “I have the worst luck with men, no one even looks at me.” Mr. Love God used his power to attract all sorts of men to her, as Mo Xiaoxiao tried to fend them off… Maybe it was all ordained by fate?

Nine Heavens Emperor God Season 2

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 九霄帝神第二季

After the unfortunate death of Tianchen Divine King Jiang Chen, his soul pierced into the body of the useless disciple, vowing to return to the throne of the Divine King! Let’s watch Jiang Chen and his disciples rise up from the ruins and ruins, fight the sky and fight the earth, return to Jiuxiao, and open the sky with divine blood!

One Sword Reigns Supreme

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 一剑独尊

The family elders, fighting for the right to exploit the mines, sent someone to crush his dantian, and became an abandoned son of the Ye family. However, he accidentally entered the Tower of Boundless Hell because of his mother’s bleeding ring and was instructed by a mysterious person to cultivate the Dao of the sword, which no one had ever cultivated before. Ye family abandoned son Ye Xuan: “I must become strong so that I can protect my sister and take back everything I lost in the Ye family.” Mysterious woman: “Follow me and I’ll make you the strongest swordsman in all the heavens.” With the help of the mysterious woman, could Ye Xuan become the strongest swordsman in the realm of the heavens?

Peerless Doctor In The City

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 最强神医混都市

The genius of medicine and Taoism, Yang Yunfan, He is the only disciple of ancient medical immortal and a super soldier with a mysterious identity. He obeyed his master’s orders to go down the mountain to fulfill the marriage contract he had set up when he was young, but he was arranged to be a trainee in a community hospital by his beautiful wife.

Rebirth of the Great God

60 episodes · COMICS Completed 重生之我是大天神

The God of Heaven, also known as “Lin Hao Tian”.He is an immortal genius. He was killed jointly for threatening the status of many fairy lords. At the end of the day, he worked hard to break free from the shackles of time and was born again as a boy. This life will certainly be rewritten and returned to the top of the universe.

Return of Immortal Emperor

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 仙帝归来

Three years ago, Yun Qing Yan accidentally fell into the Immortal Realm from the Mortal Realm. After three thousand years, he became the great Emperor Yun of the Immortal Realm. Breaking through the barrier between the two realms, he discovered that only three years had passed. “Before, I was too weak to protect my loved ones. Now, I’ll make the whole world bow before me.

Rich Player Season 3

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 氪金玩家 第三季

Acting pretentious is his hobby! Being the ultimate rich player, he’s used to spending “expenses” around others on the down-low, having the most extravagant equipment and armor. In the gaming world, there’s nothing that can’t be solved with money!

Rise of The Dragon

Ruo Hong Culture
40 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 极道龙神

Legend has it that the dragon god is sitting in the realm of the gods. If he is the inheritor of the gods, he will become the new ruler of China. The various sect gangs are gradually fighting over the inheritance of the Dragon God. The protagonist, Chu Qianye, was regarded as the son of a sinner because of his father’s loss of the treasure of the sect.

Shanghai Melody

HM Heros
8 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 上海故事

The story revolves around an ordinary Shanghai family. Feifei Han, who has devoted herself to the advertising industry, encountered a career crisis in her first year. At the same time, her parents are increasingly pressuring her to get married. Under the double attack, Feifei's life fell into a mess. Whenever Feifei fell into confusion, his father Dongliang Han would show up to encourage his daughter. In the intertwined memories, Feifei realizes the love and teachings of her father Dongliang. In the end, with the encouragement of family and friends, Feifei gets rid of her confusion and continues on with new vigor.

Shi Shao Xia Feels So Lonely

BigFireBird Animation, HuaMei Animation
36 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 石少侠感觉好孤单

Shi Zhou Wu is Ren Tian Faction’s elder brother. He has been devoted to martial arts and has been oblivious to worldly affairs since he was a child. He is serious, he doesn’t smile and is often feared by people around him. One time, at a martial arts conference, he was surrounded by way too many chivalrous couples, this seriously stimulated his spirit causing a sense of invincible loneliness to haunt him. Therefore, he decided to find his own happy fated marriage…

Si Wu Xie

Da Yu
12 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 思无邪

The story takes place in an era when humans and monsters coexist. According to legend, as long as humans and monsters practice together, they will reach the realm of innocence and achieve mutual happiness. But there are always some people, some monsters, because of their greed and desire, who went down the wrong path. In order to become a true dragon, our protagonist Xiao Li embarks on a journey to realize a thousand hopes for the people. As soon as he left the mountain, he met Qiushui, a demon slayer who would never give up until he caught him. In order to get rid of the autumn water, Xiao Li avoided all the roads, fighting, learning from the teacher, learning art, and causing trouble. I have made a lot of new friends, experienced many crises, and gained a lot of wisdom. It seems that I have also developed some subtle friendships with Qiushui unconsciously. Fate is such a thing, who knows? Just like when Empress Nuwa created humans and monsters, why incorporate good and evil into their souls? Maybe it’s all exams, maybe it’s all a guide to innocence

Soul Land Ⅱ The Unrivaled Tang Sect Season 4

Motion Magic
? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 斗罗大陆2绝世唐门 第四季

The new Continental Senior Soul Master Soul Contest is about to begin, and the Shrek Seven Devils will represent the Tang Sect at the suggestion of Elder Xuan. In the middle of his practice, Huo Yuhao accidentally opened the kit from Niu Tian with the help of Tianmeng. He learned the secret of Wang Dong’s fatal injury, and decided to take the risk of picking Acacia Heartbroken for Wang Dong. When he set off, Wang Qiuer saw that Huo Yuhao was helpless. Let her go. The Sunset Forest was in danger, and Huo Yuhao almost died trying to get the Acacia Heartbroken Grass, which made him even more sure of his heart for Wang Dong. After returning to Shrek, Huo Yuhao went through many treatments but could not fully recover, and could only go into battle with a half-disabled body.

Star Martial God Technique 2nd Season

Ruo Hong Culture
40 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 星武神诀 第二季

In the entire world, there are twelve paths to climb the Tower of God, and in legend, these twelve paths lead to the legendary path of immortality. But this path in the Tower of God, is too long, without end. In ancient times there were many types of martial arts, unfortunately, the world underwent terrible changes, and only three remained: Fire, Dragon, and Star Martial Arts. This generation of experts from all three martial arts seeks the path of immortality. This is the story of a star martial arts practitioner who begins his life journey with two beautiful girls by his side, planning to become a Great God.

Supreme Sword God

Xing Yi Kai Chen
20 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 剑道第一仙

In his previous life, the protagonist Su Yi was the respected XuanJun Sword Master in Dahuang. In order to pursue supreme swordsmanship, he chose to reincarnate and retrain. After reincarnation, Su Yi’s new identity is the servant of the Su family in zhou Yujing’s kingdom. But, he bravely ran away from home at the age of fourteen and went to Qinghe Sword House to practice. Never thought that three years later, when Su Yi would become the core disciple of Qinghe Sword House, he suddenly lost his cultivation level overnight and became a paralyzed person, thus becoming an abandoned disciple of Qinghe Sword House. Su Yi, who fell into a slump, was forced to accept the Su family’s power arrangement and became the son-in-law of the Wen family, one of the three major clans in the remote town. His wife, Wen Lingzhao, is the most beautiful woman in Guangling City. She rejected this marriage in her heart, never admitted that Su Yi was her husband, and desperately wanted to dissolve the marriage. As for Su Yi, one year after he became a son-in-law, he evoked memories of his past life, and finally realized that in his past life, he was the famous Xuanjun Sword Master. in Dahuang Jiuzhou! Su Yi embarked on the road to rise. Like his wife Wen Lingzhao, he also wanted to dissolve the marriage. Moreover, in order to know the truth of his mother’s death, he began to fight with the power of the Su family. When these grievances are resolved, Su Yi will return to Dahuang Jiuzhou to find the disciples who betrayed him one by one and end his grievances.


12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 黑门

The story begins in Baiyang City, Hebei Province, China, in 2056. The advance in technology enables humans to enter their own brains for exploration. Inside the human brain, scientists have discovered a “brain universe” even more complicated than the actual universe. Meanwhile, a seemingly ordinary bus accident has involved people from multiple forces. During the investigation, unexpected incidents happen one after another. The crisis behind this unusual accident goes beyond everyone’s imagination. While exploring where the limits are, humans fail to realize that once again, they are standing on the crossroads of evolution. This is the beginning of an eventful and historic era.

jian xian zaici

Sword Immortal Is Here

72 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 剑仙在此

The otaku Lin Beichen got a mobile phone by chance, and the mobile phone took him into a world called Dongdao Zhenzhou, where he became one of the ten famous generals of the Beihai Empire [Zhantian Hou] Lin Jinnan’s heir. He is also a notorious prodigal, born with a brain disorder. At the time when Lin Jinnan, the Marquis of Zhantian, lost the battle, his family was in the middle of the road, and Lin Beichen, who had lost his backing, was blocked in the school by various ‘enemies’ and could not go out. It is a plug-in artifact that can assist in practice. Relying on this artifact, Lin Beichen started his own way of hilarious counterattack

Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 唐寅在异界

“Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World” mainly narrated that Tang Yin had outstanding skills, but he had no use for them in the real world; he could only be an assassin. Then, he went to another chaotic world. His strength had been maximized on the life and death battlefield. Here, he could wave his weapons unscrupulously; here, in order to survive, he had no choice but to embark on his way to the king. Everything about him could only exist in the legend…

The Last Hero

? episodes · COMICS Completed 我在末世捡属性

When the zombies started appearing, everyone is at risk, Yang Hao forced to seek help in risk, in danger I found ” pick up attributes system” acquired strength attribute, strength +1, acquired agility attribute, agility +1, I picked up? From today onwards, food, resources, beautiful girls, this land, all are mine! Yang Hao screamed! below me are all zombies….. a path to?

The Legend of Dragon Soldier

26 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 神级龙卫

On the day when the Taiqingmen of Yunling Mountain held a double cultivation ceremony for Su Ruoxue and Liu Fei, Shen Lang used the nine transformations of blood and spirit to transform into Lei Peng, who spread his wings a thousand meters, broke in and fought with the monks, destroying most of the sect of Yunling Mountain. Facing the unfamiliar and familiar Shen Lang, Su Ruoxue, who lost her memory, was uneasy, and the pictures that flashed in her mind on weekdays may have actually existed. What made Shen Lang unbelievable was that Su Ruoxue, who he had been searching for for many years, not only wanted to marry this 400-year-old cultivator, but also pierced his chest with a sword! Shen Lang desperately wanted to restore Su Ruoxue’s memory. Ten years ago, the research base set up by the Su Group, which was dedicated to researching virtual reality, in the Linhai Tianshan Canyon – the explosion of the moon wheel, Su Ruoxue was seriously injured and unconscious. Shen Lang, who indirectly caused this scene to happen, was full of self-blame and guilt. In a hurry, he linked the damaged instrument to Su Ruoxue. Su Ruoxue, who fell into a deep sleep, could save his life, but his mind was already wandering in the illusory realm set by the moon wheel. If he didn’t find it as soon as possible, Su Ruoxue in reality will disappear. In desperation, Shen Lang also connected the instrument, entered the illusory realm, and started the journey to rescue Su Ruoxue.

The Sacred Lord of Scorching Summer

26 episodes · COMICS Completed 伏天圣主

Green Li is the weakest in his village, unable to beat a blind, dying old man. But when he leaves the village, he finds out that he is extremely strong. This is the story of a boy who embarks on a journey to become the strongest.

The Strongest Immortal Chen Beixuan

30 episodes · COMICS Completed 最强仙尊陈北玄 第一季

During the catastrophe period, the great monk Chen Fan fell into the catastrophe, but he returned to his youth on earth. In my last life, I climbed to the top of the universe and overlooked the world, but I was not accompanied by anyone. In this life, I only wish to live up to my past and my lord.
Popular version: The story of a five-hundred-year-old cultivator who was reborn in the city during the catastrophe period, made up for his regrets, playing pig eat the tiger.

The Strongest Male Hero Ever

Ruo Hong Culture
48 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 史上最强男主角

The protagonist Zhao Xiaotian is gifted with supernatural abilities and possesses a super self-healing ability. After an accidental explosion, he came to a new world advocating martial arts and became the grandson of the richest man Zhao family. But this identity made him repeatedly persecuted by gangsters, so he was sent by his family to the famous martial arts sect, Xiaoyaomen, to practice martial arts for self-defense. However, to everyone's surprise, Zhao Xiaotian, who had never had a foundation in martial arts, turned out to be exceptionally talented and possessed an extraordinary talent for martial arts. Because Zhao Xiaotian's master was worried that he was too proud, he decided to suppress teaching, which made Zhao Xiaotian mistakenly think that his strength was low, so he practiced harder. In this way, Zhao Xiaotian gradually grew up unknowingly, and gradually formed a deep friendship with the brothers and sisters in the door. However, as his strength grows, the hidden crisis gradually emerges, and he is about to face the challenge of accepting trials…

The Strongest Sect of All Times

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 万古最强宗

The head of the sect of the last sect often laughs. He never imagined that the cold female disciple who was recruited at random would hide it, and the male disciple who closed his eyes to save the road was actually the first genius, kicking the reborn Emperor Wu to the point of doubting his life. , The younger brother who looks at the waste is a fallen genius. This sect is full of evildoers… God wants me to go against the last sect.

The Young Brewmaster’s Adventure

CG Year
20 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 少年白马醉春风

The story happened 20 years before the story of “great journey of teenager”. At that time, Baili Dongjun, who became the number one in the world, was the only grandson who was loved by thousands of people in the Houfu of Zhenxi. Although he has a father who is outstanding in kung fu and a mother who is the daughter of the head of the Wen family, he is not good at martial arts and prefers wine. After ten years, he will be able to brew the best wine. In the end, he stole a title deed from his home and traveled hundreds of miles to open a wine shop in Chaisang City. But a long street is already full of evil stars. Only he is really a young boy who is serious about making wine. Because of this, he was inexplicably involved in the dispute between the two major families. On the way, he accidentally met the wanderer Sikong Changfeng, who had no father and no mother, and the burning ink son Lei Mengzai, who came from Tianqi City, because he was grateful to each other. He decided to help Lei Mengsha rescue his good brother, Gu Jianmen, the son of Lingyun who was trapped in his house… This is an era of young talents, and no other era can surpass it. Xie Xuan, who later became Confucian Sword Immortal, Yan Zhantian, who became Angry Sword Immortal, Luo Qingyang, who became Lone Sword Immortal, etc., were all still unknown at this time. They were waiting for the day when they met each other, and then they became famous all over the world.

Tomb of Fallen Gods

Tomb of Fallen Gods

Wonder Cat Animation
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 神墓

The book takes the protagonist Chen Nan’s pursuit of his lover Yuxin ten thousand years ago and the pursuit of the secrets of the demise of gods and demons as clues. There are countless legends of heroes and beauties, and a little discussion on human nature, society, life and other elements.

War God System! I’m Counting On You!

Chongzhuo Animation
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 靠你啦!战神系统

It’s a cultivation story. One with immortal gods and cultivation arts. But more importantly, it’s the story of a boy named An Lin, a mortal who was heavily in debt and was pursued by loan sharks before meeting his savior, a True God. Saved from the loan sharks, An Lin was sent to cultivate at the Immortal Cultivation United University, but it seems like he was trolled by the True God…? Is this really the life he was expecting? Wasn’t this just a regular cultivation story? What’s that? I might be a fake cultivator.

Xi Xing Ji Movie 2: The Fantasy Cave

1 episodes · Movie Completed 西行纪之穷奇地洞

Xi Xing Ji Season 4

12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 西行纪 第四季

The journey to the West was a conspiracy of heaven! After Sutra went missing for more than a decade, Heaven sent its army to search, in order not to let the Sutra once again fall into the hands of heaven, the journey to West begin again.

Xi Zitang Seizes the Whole Country Power

20 episodes · DONGHUA Hiatus 力拔山河兮子唐

This story tells of Prince Tang, son of Dongsheng who was born at an inopportune time when the country was about to fall. With his nanny living in the border town, the nanny has been raising the prince in peace and hopes that he can take on the task of restoring the country, Zi tang Country’s surname, and glory. In the blink of an eye, XiZitang was eight years old, and was sent to Chuiyun Mountain by his nanny to cultivate. After practicing for ten years, he finally broke through the martial world and stepped into the Immortal World with the Martial God Hammer left behind by his ancestors.
The Penglai crack and the freedom of the four continents made the continent peaceful. There are Immortal Practitioners on the four continents, and Xi Zitang is only a small part of it. Under the assessment of the Immortal List, he received the Immortal Cultivator’s certification.
But when setting foot in Da Tang, even the requirements for a courier were minimally Immortal Human.
Something’s wrong, how can this be good? After cultivating for ten years, how did Xi Zitang, who had just entered the arena, set off a bloody storm in the arena?

Xiu Xian Assistant

50 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 修仙辅助器