Spring 2024

Bai Yao Pu 4th Season

CMC Media
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 百妖谱 第四季

The story still goes on.
This narrative described the experiences of Tao Yao, Mo Ya, and Childe Liu during their tour in JingShi. It suggested that the gaps between people and between people and fairies might not be as great as people thought. Whether it was through Tao Yao’s relationship with Ding Sansi, Old Zhang’s advice to Childe Liu regarding life mistakes and cooking techniques, or Mo Ya’s predicament when confronted by Xi Nang, these experiences allowed each of them to mature. Concurrently, Feng Wule, Chen Baishui, and additional individuals also achieved their personal atonement. It’s possible that everyone has an impact on one another throughout life’s path, in all of its flavors

God Troubles Me 4th Season

12 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 汉化日记 第四季

Su Moting is a poor office worker with the identity of “child of god and demon”. After being asked to leave home by her parents on the grounds that she needs to be independent and self-reliant, she meets Star Tianji, a handsome and lovely immortal fool wandering alone in the mortal world, and Di Kui, a mysterious, calm and cool demon cat. Guided by Land God, the three form into a group of saviors, and begin their funny and touching everyday stories.

Hidden Sect Leader

60 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 隐世宗门掌教

Jiang Beichen traveled to the fantasy world, accidentally obtained the most powerful teaching system, and established the “Immortal Sect”. In the early days of the sect, he had to rely on kidnapping the children of destiny to upgrade the sect. Every day, he has to pretend to be a master and deceive a group of talented disciples who admire him. Slowly, Jiang Beichen discovered that his small sect had really become the top hidden sect!

Immortality Season 3

Oriental Creative Color
16 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 永生 第三季

How can the hero Fang Han use his own strength to traverse the vast fantastical world? By clinging to an unwavering refusal to accept defeat, he cracked the code of supernatural abilities and transformed his mortal body into an immortal one. Fang Han will reveal a new and prosperous world filled with immortals, demons, and mortals, along with countless innovative magic weapons. In addition, Fang Han will encounter conflicts between immortals and demons, love and hate. It will eventually lead to success.

King of Loose Cultivators

52 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 散修之王

This is an ordinary young man getting to know an ancient weapon spirit, practicing hard with the help of the weapon spirit, getting to know all kinds of people, and experiencing various adventures that may be easy or frustrating. The story of life starting to take shape. In the end, he will become a transcendent emperor and protect the entire continent.

Shadows of the Void

Green Planet Studio
16 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 虚无边境

Xuwu is the biggest disaster the planet has ever faced. Only by banding together with their allies can humans defeat the “Doomers,” monsters from the domain of Xuwu. The continental boundary, Shazhou, becomes a crucial line of defense against invaders. The “Shadow of Blessing,” a malevolent force, is searching for the sealed power. White Wolf Yu Jia is sent by Dark Island, the head of the human alliance, to vanquish the dark force. However, a storm in Shazhou is caused by an enigmatic girl named Coral who comes from the domain of Xuwu. Everyone with the belief of discovering the historical truth concealed in Xuwu is bound together by the scarlet thread of fate. The romantic legend begins, and the girl is struggling, more than she realizes, against her destiny.

Super Xiang

Wawayu Animation
16 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 神之一脚

Pinxiang, the “strongest embryo” developed to save Blue Star, is confident he can save the world with a single kick in a football match that is scheduled for a specific time and location! But he picked the incorrect talent and became proficient in a variety of other areas aside from football.

The Metaverse

16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 百家诀之江湖诡事录

In the future city, science and robots have become necessities in people’s lives. The research, development and use of technology maintain a delicate balance between the scientific ethics committee, the technology chaebol, and the third-party security system company Mosh. Wang Xiaoyun, the only son of the Wang Group, was assassinated by an illegal robot while he was out hunting. Everyone in his entourage was spared. The balance of power has been broken, and the undercurrent is surging. Bai Wuxie, captain of the 24th Operation Team in charge of public security, found Zhang Bingyi and Shang Weiyang, consultants who are good at mechanical networks, to assist in the investigation. After several on-site investigations, it was discovered that the murderer turned out to be a product of the “robot oligarchy” Aibozer Company. At the same time, Mosh also encountered a security crisis, and everything seemed to be driven by someone behind the scenes. Zhang Bingyi, Bai Wuxie and Mo Shangshuang from Mosh Company had no choice but to form a special operations team to find out the truth behind the scenes.

Villain Initialization

16 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 反派初始化

After 35 years as a villain, Ling Chen “initialized” his reset-rebirth to 17 years old during his final conflict with Ye Muxue! What? Do you believe he longs to revert to humanity? Speak less! Naturally, since Ye Mu wasn’t superpowered at the moment, it was time to murder him!

Xi Xing Ji: Asura

9 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 西行纪之狂王

Youyu, a frail Asura youth, witnesses his tribe’s slaughter, unlocking his hidden potential. Abducted by his ancestor Liaoji, he endures torturous training, mastering the Martial God’s Five Senses. Reuniting with his friend Shiyu, Youyu sees him persecuted to death by Asura’s ruthless laws. Determined to rewrite these rules, Youyu sets forth to become the strongest