Spring 2023

A Mouthful of My Loli Master’s Milk Makes Me Unparalleled

IReader Comic
60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 我,一招打爆修真界

“Traveling through another world with a system, I thought I could be unparalleled, but I didn’t know that if I wanted to upgrade this damn system, I would need to be beaten up constantly. Just when I was about to go crazy under the beatings of countless people, a loli appeared and domineeringly said that she wanted to accept me as a disciple. Hmph, facing the temptation of the loli, I agreed. Haha, after all, she will grow up one day. It’s just I didn’t know that she would grow up so fast…”

A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing

Gen Long Culture
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 披着狼皮的羊

Lai Xiaoguang is an online writer who accidentally enters a virtual world called “Hand of God”. In this magical world, she turns into a werewolf called Da Niu and gets involved in the theft of a national treasure. In order to find out the truth, she has to embark on a journey with goat king Wang Cai.

Aiyou’s Secret Room

Lingsanwu Animation
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 爱幽的密室

Yan Yuechu went back to his hometown to work and met new friends in the company he joined. After entering the XY Chamber of Secrets to play secret room games, he found himself attracted by the owner of the secret room, Xu Aiyou. However, this is the beginning of his falling into one another strange secret room illusion. At the same time, as Yan Yuechu got in touch with Xu Aiyou, more and more incidents happened around Yan Yuechu one after another, and these even involved his friends. In the process of cracking the secret room and finding the mastermind behind the incident, Yan Yuechu gradually came across the hidden truth of the incident…

Awakening SSS-Rank skill after a Kiss

Boyi Animation
60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 开局强吻裂口女

The beginning of a strong kiss with a woman, but also awakened the SSS-rank skill, what is this operation? A young girl with a good heart, a genius with a good heart, a queen of evil spirits with a flirtatious personality… As a result of the wave of bad omens, the young Lin is stressed out, he just wants to fight monsters and cultivate quietly to become an invincible strong man!

Being a Teacher is Invincible in World

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 收徒亿万返还:为师无敌世间

White Jade travels to a fantasy world and becomes the leader of the Nine Sects’ White Jade Sect. Upon awakening, she learns that her sect is on the brink of being merged with the Tianyi Sect. However, White Jade receives a fortunate surprise – a bound system that multiplies the rewards for each disciple she accepts. With this, White Jade leads her sect and her gifted disciples on a path to rise up and achieve success.

Best Devil Housekeeper

36 episodes · COMICS Completed 魔皇大管家

Zhuo Yifan was a magic emperor or could be called a demon emperor because he had an ancient emperor’s book called the Book of the Nine Secrets, he was targeted by all the experts and he was even betrayed and killed by his students. Then his soul enters and comes back to life in a family servant boy named Zhuo Fan. Because some demonic magic is holding him back, he must unite the child’s memories and cannot ignore the family and the mistress he serves. How can he lead this descending family back to the pinnacle of this continent!

Cultivation is about to Embrace the Thigh

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 修仙就要抱大腿

Lin Xuan traveled to the world of cultivating immortals, obtained a handsome appearance and possessed a Nascent Soul cultivation base. He thought he would be favored, but who knew that the Nascent Soul cultivation base was not as good as a dog here, and walked around the streets in the form of a monk. Just when he was extremely disgusted, Li Youqing, the elder of the sect with unparalleled appearance and unfathomable strength, appeared and took him under the sect, which aroused everyone’s amazement. Lin Xuan firmly hugged Master’s thigh, growing at a speed far beyond ordinary people, and slapped a lot of people who despise him. As Lin Xuan’s realm gradually improved, more secrets of this seemingly ordinary world of cultivating immortals were revealed to him. Master Li Youqing also had another unknown identity…

Dragon Prince Yuan Season 4

14 episodes · COMICS Completed 元尊第四季:苍玄宗

After the selection competition of the Land of Sacred Relics, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao went to Cangxuanzong. To join the sect, one must first be a disciple from the outer mountain, and then participate in the mountain selection ceremony, and choose Cangxuan Seven Peaks according to the results to become an official disciple. Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao became the first-class disciples of Waishan, and resolved the enemy’s deliberate difficulties one by one, revealing their own strength. At the same time, they became friends with Shen Wanjin, Gu Hongyi and others. In the mountain selection ceremony, Zhou Yuan won the first place against all the talents from all walks of life. But what shocked and puzzled everyone was that Zhou Yuan chose Saint Genesis Peak, the weakest of the Cangxuan Seven Peaks. This is because when he was in the place of the holy relic, the former patriarch Cangxuan guided Zhou Yuan to go to Shengyuan Peak to find the second holy pattern of Cangxuan’s holy seal. Saint Genesis Peak lacks resources. In order to obtain cultivation resources, Zhou Yuan took the initiative to invite Ying to participate in the qualification competition of Ziyuan Cave Mansion. After obtaining the qualification for the cave examination, he and Yaoyao went to the source pool to practice together

Elated Thirteen Swords

26 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 快意十三刀

The large-scale overhead costume martial arts series 《Elated Thirteen Swords》 tells the story of a young man who aspires to be a great knight-errant and the tears he pays in order to do this, a touching story of sweat and intelligence.

Grandmaster Of Alchemy

hzquyue animation
40 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 丹道宗师

In his previous life, although Qin Yichen, the sage of alchemy, possessed the most alchemy technique in the mainland and was famous all over the world, because of his mediocre martial arts attainments, he could only watch helplessly as his enemy Ouyang Haotian snatched the martial soul of his lover Feng Qianxue, and in front of his eyes Kill Feng Qianxue and his brother Tantai Shuo.
In grief, Qin Yichen was reborn with the help of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Orb, returning to his youth! In this life, Qin Yichen wants to take everything back!

Back in Yuxi City when he was a boy, Qin Yichen used alchemy to help Lin Aotian’s family, who had saved his life, rise up and protect them from the disaster of their previous life. Afterwards, he went to Xuanyun City, where he got acquainted with the Li family and the Ye family among the three major families in Xuanyun City with the precious alchemy formula.

But Lin Aoqing, the acting head of the Lin family among the three major families, is an out-and-out villain. In order to fight for the right to inherit the family, he once framed his brother Lin Aotian, drove him out of Xuanyun City, and poisoned his adoptive father Lin Huarong to make him ill in bed all year round, he usurped the power of Patriarch, intending to unify Xuanyun City.

In order to get justice for Lin Aotian’s family, Qin Yichen played games with Lin Aoqing while cultivating both alchemy and martial arts. He used alchemy to repair his damaged meridians, successively condensed divine beads and natal martial beads, and awakened the rare dragon martial soul! The roar of the dragon shook the entire continent!

Hua Jiang Hu Zhi Bu Liang Ren Season 6

Beijing Rocen Digital
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 画江湖之不良人 第六季

The supervisor is in charge of the imperial government, the army in the north of the desert is raging, the Qi country alone can not support, and see how Li Xinyun leads the Bad People to fight back!

I Am Undercover Agent in The Demon World

Yaochi Culture
60 episodes · COMICS Completed 我在魔界当大佬

At the invitation of the Emperor of Heaven, Tang Chuan, the wandering fairy, went to the Demon Realm to become an undercover agent. Since then, he has become a master of the world, and he has never been delayed in picking up girls and getting promoted.

I Can Have Infinite Epiphanies

Boyi Animation
60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 我可以无限顿悟

What should you do if transmigrated to a fantasy world and has become a son called the Great traitor of the human race?Don’t worry, looking at his infinite epiphany system, all Bai Mo needs to do is to make others jealous of him! No matter what kind of exercises and cheats, as long as someone is jealous of him, Bai Mo can start an epiphany and let himself practice it to perfection in an instant!
So Bai Mo raised a lot of big villains around him and occasionally molested then.He liked to watch his enemies jealous and resentful of him, but he couldn’t do it himself!

I Have Million Skill Points

IReader Comic
60 episodes · COMICS Completed 我有百万技能点

Who said that if you are selected by the system, you will have to work hard for the system? For Su Chen, it is impossible to work part-time, and it is impossible to work for the system in this lifetime. Tasks issued by the system? No answer! Dare the system to threaten? beat him! The system knelt down and pleaded: “Host father, please have mercy on me, take a task.” Su Chen impatiently said: “You wait until I spend a million skill points!”

Kongfu Master in the City Season 3

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 古武高手在都市 第3季

China’s first soldier Luo Feng returned to the city and became the most outstanding student at Bauhinia University! While he is a high-scoring scholar, he also forcibly suppresses local snakes, punishes the black fox gang, and actively fights against evil forces. A school organized an autumn outing. Under the guidance of fate, Luo Feng obtained a mysterious exercise and opened the door to martial artist practice! Since then, he has solved various cases, saved all kinds of beauties, and paved his way to subvert the world of martial artists!

Legend of Xianwu

Xiaoming Taiji
78 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 仙武传

As a loyal disciple, Ye Chen dedicated himself to guarding the spiritual medicine field for his sect. But, during a fight with enemies, the spiritual field was destroyed. His loyalty and dedication to the sect could not save him. The loyalty he thought he had obtained from his peers and lover, could not save him from betrayal. Thus, he was shamelessly banished from the sect. With the help of a flame falling from heaven, Ye Chen began to develop himself into a stronger cultivator. Battled against his opponents, unfolded his legendary life and rewrote his own story…

M&S Organization

Xuni Pictures
20 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 山海际会

In the future, with the increasing occurrence of natural disasters and catastrophes from the universe, a mysterious organization called “Sha Hai Organization” seeks to destroy and replace the human race, posing a deadly threat to the Earth. The leading character Lei Si joins the Crisis Case Unit and sets up an exoskeleton armored squad called “Tai Ji Ding” for multi-directional confrontations against this mysterious technology organization. Through decryptions step by step, Lei Si and his team find that human dream is a window to the world that is invisible to naked eyes in the universe, thus starting a sci-fi exploration between reality and quadrant and a fight between civilizations of different ages.

Martial Arts Reigns

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 武道独尊

Ye Ming, the rising star of Family Ye is regarded as a genius among his peer cultivators. But he was schemed by his jealous cousin and the latter cut his meridians, crippled his abilities and hamstrung him ruthlessly. But Ye Ming never gives up because he’d sacrifice everything to take revenge for his deceased parents who were murdered by Family Huang. But he doesn’t know that he is considered a pain in the neck to Family Ye and a big conspiracy is looming out of the darkness…

Martial Inverse Season 4

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 武逆 第4季

Tianwu Continent, the strong are the most respected. the young master of the feng family, feng hao. with his peerless physique, is considered to be a waste of firewood and has been humiliated! By chance, his body changed, and let him reverse his life! He forged his body with a special crystal to achieve the supreme flesh. When you are in control of virtual martial arts, you will destroy the universe and slash everything!

Monster But Wild

Kungfu Frog Animation
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 区区不才,在下野怪

The player Dongdong mistakenly entered the game world “Azure” and changed into the skeleton, the weakest wild creature. The unidentified Dongdong used his years of gaming experience to amass a band of wild monsters early on. He met the main character Bubble, made a deal with her to become her strongest pet, and then set off on an amusing and thrilling adventure with Bubble and his new pals in “Azure.” The phenomenon of NPCs and wild monsters in the game gradually awakening and yearning for the human world was also identified at this time by Dongdong. To learn the truth and get back to your regular life. The main character group, lead by Dongdong, as well as awakened NPCs, regular players, game developers, and other entities started to debate how the two worlds were connected.

My Heroic Husband

Oriental Creative Color
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 赘婿

In an alternate reality, the commercial elite known as Yining migrated to the Wu Dynasty and took the surname Ning and the given name Yi. Yining just concealed his well-known business skills in the virtual world since he had always dreamed of becoming a generation of martial arts superstars. Unexpectedly, the world’s morals are more complex than he anticipated. In addition to being involved in significant legal proceedings after becoming Ning Yi, the Su family he joined was also in danger from formidable foes.

My Karmic Girlfriend

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 我的天劫女友

The modern cultivation world has become a place of intrigue and calculation. The strong prey on the weak. Everyone feels insecure. The security guard, Hero Ma, started his cultivation by accident after he saved a girl cultivator…

My Road to Killing God in Another World

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 我在异界的弑神之路

The genius top student played games in an attempt to flirt with girls, but was struck by lightening on a rainy day and transported into the world of the game?! To survive here, he could only rely on himself. Surrounded by monsters and gods, full of dangers, can he still return to his own world and continue chasing girls?!

My Wife is a Demon Queen

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 我老婆是魔王大人

There are several races on the continent of Xiuluo, among which the Demon race and the Human race are the most powerful. Several wars broke out between the two races in a few centuries, and the Queen of Demons, Isabella, suffered a tragic coup and lost all her magic power. In this moment of crisis, the mysterious magic ring will be transported to Bella’s side, am I the Queen’s destiny son? From then on, the journey with the demon queen will begin? High energy warning! My life with the Demon Queen! The brain is infinite!

Peerless Alchemy

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 绝世丹神

The aura of Shenqi Continent revived, monsters came out rampantly, countless forces fell apart, and swept the entire continent, and the human race fell and the people were in dire straits. Qin Feng, a god-level alchemist who became a martial arts cripple due to being framed, returned to his youth, and relied on his previous life experience to use the advantages of alchemy to promote martial arts cultivation. In this life, he will not let history repeat itself again, and vows to protect the one he loves, eliminate all evil, and climb to an unprecedented peak!

Rebirth of the Great God Season 2

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 重生之我是大天神 第二季

Immortal Emperor Haotian, also known as “Lin Haotian”, was reincarnated in the body of a young man named Lin Que in the Great Wu Dynasty after being framed for reincarnation. Lin Que’s father died early, and his family was rejected by relatives, so they had to move out of the family. Although the situation is difficult, it is not discouraged. With the memory of his previous life, Lin Que embarked on the path of cultivation. His cultivation progressed rapidly, and he successively defeated Zhao Biao and Gongsun Tai, two masters of the Sacred Fire Cult. As his cultivation continued to rise, countless strong men followed one after another. Lin Que was invincible! Become the brightest star in the entire Great Wu Dynasty in one fell swoop!

Since I Wasn’t the Heroine

Liyu Culture
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 她不当女主很多年

An important town on the Daqi Kingdom’s northern border, Baicheng, was attacked by Beiyi using a strategy. Baicheng’s guard Tang Yao led his followers in a valiant effort to fight back, but they were overpowered and all fell victim to sacrifice. Tang Ying, the second daughter, was the only one to live. The fact that his father gave his life in defense of the nation but was then accused of working with the enemy only makes Tang Ying furious. Tang Yingyi traveled to the capital to replace her father but discovered that things were more complicated than she had anticipated. Is Yuan Lang, the Daqi Kingdom’s second prince who has been held captive for years, connected to Beiyi? Why is the woman acting so oddly while purporting to be herself? Is Yuan Lang, the Daqi Kingdom’s second prince and long-time captive, connected to Beiyi? Why is the lady who is impersonating herself so oddly similar to herself? What ever became of the unearthly individual Yao Niang from the film department was referring to? There are also some oddly familiar recollections that jitterily surfaced. For Tang Ying to solve, there are just too many puzzles.

Strong and Timid Boss

12 episodes · COMICS Completed Boss超强但怂的要死

A skeleton soldier hero who crosses over to the other world and becomes a rookie is bent on seeking power and becoming the new master of the dungeon! Gatekeeper NPC Skeleton Monster A: King! It’s not good, the group of players are attacking again!Gatekeeper NPC skeleton monster hero: Boss, do not be afraid, I protect you! the big devil king who obviously very strong but hiding behind the small monster door to play calm but trembling inside : good, you kid to block them, come back to give you a promotion and raise your salary!

Super Star Season 2

ASK Animation Studio
15 episodes · TV Ongoing 今天开始闪耀登场

After winning a singing competition, Qin Ze caught the attention of a well-known talent agency in the industry. However, he soon discovered that he had fallen into a contractual trap – if he didn’t sign the contract, he would face enormous compensation claims. Caught between his dreams and reality, Qin Ze was in a dilemma. Meanwhile, Qin Ya joined a film crew, marking her first major production as a full-time actress after transitioning from her previous job. This would determine whether her career as an actress would be smooth sailing. However, the addition of international film star Lulu caused trouble for Qin Ya, as Lulu outshone her in terms of both fame and acting skills. Little did they know, all of this was part of a scheme by Rui Chi Entertainment…

Supreme Gossip System Season 2

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 至尊神级系统 第2季

Earth teenagers crossed the other world; accompanied by bound to the “news early knows” system.
Current affairs news, gossip news, this world news early to know; campus news, assist cultivation, enlightenment is unparalleled ……
The most important thing is to practice the best techniques and martial arts; to eat the best pills and to control the divine weapons of heaven and earth!
The young man proudly vowed, “Since I have crossed over, I will step on the top of all beings and achieve the supreme position!”

Supreme Saint’s Love Debts Season 2

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 无敌之前情债太多 第2季

After a desperate struggle, Supreme Saint Ling Yunfeng along with a team with determined beliefs have finally restored order to the world. I was just about to enjoy the hard-won peace, but suddenly discovered that before the struggle, he actually forged a lot of love debts and had children. It’s time to pay it back! The supreme saint, who is a single dog and has no experience in raising children. The Supreme Saint has to fight in this new battlefield!

Swallow the Whole World

Yaochi Culture
60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 我靠吞噬万物变强

The lord of the four divine worlds, lord Xiao, was betrayed by his brother. He set up a death trap that killed Xiao. After millennia, the soul of the lord found a vessel, bringing Xiao Fan back to life. Spilt divine blood, captured heavenly castle, unclear fate of his beloved wife – all this kindled the all-consuming fire of hatred in his heart. And now he intends to return to his divine abode behind the heads of traitors and take their lives! Possessing the almighty Dantian, he will open heaven and earth, absorb darkness and light, and destroy yin and yang!

The Devil’s Head is Five and a Half Years Old

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 万恶魔头五岁半

The feared female demon lord of the six realms, who was renowned for instilling terror in the hearts of all who saw her, suddenly finds herself reduced in size overnight. Is she now being bullied, oppressed, or targeted for assassination? Such a thing is inconceivable! Hey, you over there, the useless sword cultivator! The task of returning this miniaturized demon lord to her home is now in your hands!

The Girl Downstairs

Red Dog Culture House
22 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 爱上她的理由

As a freshman, Yuan Juntang applied to Minsong University to get nearer to his senior Zhu Zhu, with whom he had been secretly in love. The two ended up becoming friends and approached Zhu Zhu after unintentionally running into Li Shiya, the former idol and senior sister who had left school. They come together as a trio of pals. Yuan Juntang’s admiration for her was evident to Zhu Zhu, but she lacked the guts to accept and steered away from any unclear interactions with him while remaining distant from her friends.

The Heavenly Conqueror

Boyi Animation
60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 玄天至尊

After thousands of years, QingYu returns with the scroll of a thousand beasts. With the power to fill the lands and breakthrough skies, I am the supreme of all eternal heavens!

The Martial Weekly

Wenzhou Mengbu Anime
24 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 武林不二周刊

A survival guide in the martial world that records the rise (drama) of Hua Xiangrong, the young clan leader of Huajian Clan, and her friends in “The Martial Weekly”.

The Rise of the Weak

Fengyun Animation
20 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 逆天战纪

Set in the futuristic world, humans are facing a crisis like never before as immortal cultivators continue to invade their homes. Teenager Wu Ran, notoriously known as a loser, almost loses his life while trying to save his goddess. Through that near-death experience, he awakens a strange die system by chance. But the catch is, every skill he acquires solely depends on luck. Watch how an underdog finally turns his life around and rises to the top.

The Strongest Body Refiner in History

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 史上最强炼体老祖

The body refined by a hundred thousand demons, the skin tempered by the flesh and blood of ten thousand devils, the veins as clear as heavenly YinYang light, the soul formed by the stars of a multitude of worlds~ Ye Cang Xuan is the foremost body refiner in the world. Since he contended for luck in the heavenly tribulation and fell down to the mortal world, the changed owners and the nine realms fell into chaos. So, in this era Ye Cang Xuan becomes a mortal to experience many difficulties and restores his divinity, left to rely on his unparalleled body-refining skills. I’ll leave you to your pill formulas and incessant magic powers, while I crush everything, unscrupulously and without any constraint… sweeping through heaven and earth…

The Super Ancestor

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 史上第一祖师爷

Lin Feng travelled through worlds and even obtained an overpowered system, but he still faces pressure as huge as a mountain. System’s main quest: Lin Feng is to create a school; establish history’s number 1 sect and Lin Feng himself to become the number 1 founder. To become history’s number 1 founder, Lin Feng started to work hard. “Your name is Shi Tianhao? Natural born sovereign roots but they were stolen by your cousin? Now being raised in a little village your father placed you in? Come come come, follow your master and we’ll let those people know that justice that is owed must be returned!” “Your name is Xiao Yan? A genius of the past but a loser now? Even your fiancé came over to humiliate you by asking for a divorce? Come come come, follow your master and we’ll let that brat know the meaning of: don’t bully a youngster just because he’s poor!” “Your name is Zhu Yi? The son of a marquis but you’re being suppressed by your father? Your mother was a saint but she was assassinated? Come come come, follow your master and we’ll let your dad know the meaning of how problems can be solved with your fists…no, with reasoning!”

True Story of Demons

50 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 妖怪正传

Taishan enshrined Zen, the world changed drastically, and the monsters who were sealed by Jiang Ziya and entered the other world in the battle of conferred gods reappeared in the world. The heaven descended on the earth, and Jiang Zhuoyue, a disciple of Taoist sect, led the Song emperor who had turned into a civet cat through time and space in the long history books, and embarked on the road to save the sky…

Urban Yin-yang Doctor

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 都市阴阳仙医

Lin Xiu returned from Xiandao, swaying the masters of each road with a proud attitude. With immense medical knowledge of both the spiritual world and the Physical World. Watch as Lin Xiu solve problems for the everyday life, and the supernatural. What? someone is making trouble? Not satisfied? Are you someone important? Screw you then, i step on people like you just for fun, money? power? what does that gotta do with cleaning out the garbage?

Wan Dao Zhu Zai

40 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 万道主宰

A young man born with no veins and a disfigured body—Ling Xiao, once counterattacked, cultivated a divine body of enlightenment, to save his lover, to find his parents, and to protect the common people, he fought against the heavens and the earth, penetrated the three thousand worlds, reversed the three realms of the human race, and broke free from order The shackles of the controllers reshape the broken order of the three thousand worlds, and recreate the supreme glory of the human race!
Dominator of the world

Watt’s Up, Girl?

12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 电器少女

Liang Xigua is a poor young man struggling to make a living in the cracks of the city. One day, his old refrigerator, which had been with him for many lonely summers, took on a human form and intervened in his life. They confront with each other over food, struggle to make ends meet, drag each other down and support each other, resulting in lots of ludicrous daily stories. Xigua gradually realizes that he is not the only one who has awakened the life of the appliance…

Zhen Guo God Son-in-Law

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 镇国神婿

Chu Chen, the descendant of the world’s number one Qimen, accidentally sealed his own soul and five souls on the way down the mountain after finishing his studies, and became the son-in-law of a fool for five years. After awakening, a generation of domineering son-in-law Chu Chen drank the strongest wine, beat the worst dogs, and staged a life of counterattack every day!