Spring 2022

Face on Lie

Painted Edge
16 episodes · Donghua Completed 谎颜

Han Yuxi, a girl who works alone in a big city, is kind and talented, but she suffers from outside malice because of her appearance. After experiencing multiple blows in emotion and life, she had the idea of cosmetic surgery, and a conspiratorial hand was quietly changing her life …

Forced to Become a Hidden Profession

52 episodes · Comic Ongoing 被迫成为隐藏职业

My name is Qin Yue, a very miserable man. Since I played a game called ‘Free and Easy World’, I finally got the game peripherals and wanted to make a difference. However, I never imagined that the NPC would be trapped as soon as I entered the game. In the online game world of magic swords and swords, I was forced to become a hidden profession?

I Can See the Success Rate Season 2

26 episodes · Comic Completed 我能看到成功率第二季

Bai Wu, who is frustrated with his life in the real world, suddenly gains the ability to see the success rate of events. Use the success rate to reach the pinnacle of life!

I Return from the Heavens

40 episodes · Comic Ongoing 我从诸天万界归来

After three years in the heavenly prison, he brings the seven strongest bloodlines of the heavens, twelve peak professional skills, thirty-six sets of supreme techniques, seventy-two mysterious and strongest techniques, and 108 chaos laws at full level! But his martial spirit is a pig when his techniques are at full level? What will the script be like?

Kongfu Master in the City

45 episodes · Comic Completed 古武高手在都市

China’s first soldier Luo Feng returned to the city and became the most outstanding student at Bauhinia University! While he is a high-scoring scholar, he also forcibly suppresses local snakes, punishes the black fox gang, and actively fights against evil forces. A school organized an autumn outing. Under the guidance of fate, Luo Feng obtained a mysterious exercise and opened the door to martial artist practice! Since then, he has solved various cases, saved all kinds of beauties, and paved his way to subvert the world of martial artists!

Martial Inverse Season 2

45 episodes · Comic Completed 武逆 第二季

Feng Hao completed the agreement three years ago, defeated Yunying, and became famous. But the crisis is still approaching, and the Shadow Demon Cult is waiting for an opportunity, which may threaten Feng Hao at any time. In order to gain stronger strength, Feng Hao started a new journey.

Martial Inverse Season 3

40 episodes · Comic Ongoing 武逆 第三季

Feng Hao completed the agreement three years ago, defeated Yunying, and became famous. But the crisis is still approaching, and the Shadow Demon Cult is waiting for an opportunity, which may threaten Feng Hao at any time. In order to gain stronger strength, Feng Hao started a new journey.

Martial Universe Season 3

Motion Magic
12 episodes · Donghua Completed 武动乾坤 第三季

The continued story of “Lin Dong” a descendant of the Lin clan. What we know so far is that Lin Dong succeeded in his quest at the Symbol Master Tower in the first half of Martial Universe Season 2, and also gained a lot of treasure from the Secret Tomb Arc. Therefore, we can expect Lin Dong to face other challenges in Martial Universe Season 3 before eventually crossing blades with Lin Langtian.

My Harem By Bonus Season 2

52 episodes · Comic Ongoing 我的修真靠抽卡第二季

Super scholar Xia Ziwei! On a certain day, he was forced to be teleported to the world of immortals. In this strange world, are you just a trick? Lost all the abilities that he was proud of, and even the protagonist’s halo was deprived. Mediocre and poor, you can only survive by drawing cards from the system, and you have to face the hatred and hostility of other protagonists, but even one

New Gods: Yang Jian

Light Chaser Animation Studios
1 episodes · Movie Completed 新神榜:杨戬

Thirteen years after Yang Jian (God Er Lang) imprisoned his sister under a mountain, the once powerful god is now a penniless bounty hunter. When a mysterious woman hires him for a new job, Yang Jian soon finds himself chasing after a familiar figure. He must stop Chen xiang, his long-lost nephew, who is searching for a magic lotus lantern that will free his mother, even if it will bring disaster. As Yang Jian confronts his past actions, he must confront a number of dangerous guardians who seek the same treasure with the power to change the balance of their world.

Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2

Polygon Pictures
7 episodes · Anime Completed Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2

Pacific Rim: The Black is an episodic series, building on the story of Pacific Rim the original film and Pacific Rim Uprising. The series follows a brother (Taylor) and his younger sister (Hayley), who learn to pilot an abandoned Jaeger to cross a post-apocalyptic Australia overwhelmed by the Kaiju and search for their parents that headed to Sydney in their own Jaeger.


21 episodes · Comic Ongoing 虫生

Top mercenary Wang Huan died in an assassination mission, and after waking up, he found himself in a strange world…


13 episodes · Anime Completed 时空之隙

The Rift between the present world and another world caused by the instability of energy is the only passage to the present world for the monsters in another world. In order to block the invasion of monsters, in the present world, a group of people with special power bravely stand in the Rift to defend the world.

Supreme Dantian Master

? episodes · Comic Ongoing 开局签到至尊丹田,

The Wanjie Continent is filled with prodigies, acclaimed as deities, princes, and Taoists, representing the future of each sect. The untalented and ordinary Qin Shu was supposed to be one of these prodigies due to his father, one of the strongest men on the continent. But instead, he was looked down upon and jeered upon by everyone in his sect. One day, his Wanjie Checkin System finally reached 100%, and all of a sudden he reached peak power by unlocking the skill of Perpetual Dantian!

Supreme Lord of Galaxy Season 2

Ruo Hong Culture
68 episodes · Donghua Ongoing 星河至尊 第二季

The second season of Xinghe Zhizun.

Sword Quest

12 episodes · Donghua Completed 寻剑

My master asks me to go down the mountain to the secular world. To fulfill his last wish, I get married and live with my wife’s family as an appendage. People call me a loser, but who could imagine I’m an incomparable sword master? I don’t care how people look at me. I’m living with my wife’s family, so what? I will show you who I am?

The Boys Presents: Diabolical

Amazon Studios
8 episodes · Anime Completed The Boys Presents: Diabolical

The Boys animated spin-off.

The First Son-In-Law Vanguard Of All Time

Tang Kirin Culture
10 episodes · Donghua Completed 武映三千道

Xu Wuzhou opened his eyes to find himself transmigrated into the body of a notoriously delinquent son-in-law. The guy spent his wedding night in a bridesmaid’s bed, and wandered into a brothel in search of a meal. Now his beautiful wife has lost all faith in him, and his father-in-law exiled him to the training grounds in disgust. And all Xu Wuzhou got for this trouble was an ancient artifact starving for blood?

The Great Tortoise Master of the Throne of God’s Seal

? episodes · Comic Completed 神印王座外传大龟甲师

A young man with stunts failed to pass the selection and embarked on the road of cultivating. Just when he adjusted his mentality and accepted this fact, a few mysterious dice suddenly appeared. Given the mission of rebuilding the Protoss, the young man’s life changed.

The Last Summoner

ASK Animation Studio
12 episodes · Donghua Completed 最后的召唤师

A talented young cook's encounter with a hungry girl who popped up in his kitchen changes his ordinary life forever. Dora, a summoned spirit and a truly cute goddess, now calls him master. However, he is not interested at all and trying everything he could to get away from the ghostly figure. As fate would have it, when he becomes a summoner by accident, there is no turn back in life.

The Secret to Life and Death

Ake Culture
26 episodes · Comic Ongoing 生死诀

Weak-looking Hwasan doesn’t seem to be a man that fights on the front lines. Instead, he is a brilliant man who passed the civil service examination twice due to his outstanding character. Furthermore, he is also respected for his close connections with various kings and officials. But his identity is none other than the only successor to the HwaSan sect. He usually stays in his room and reads. However, in the rare instances that he does use his body, it is only to clean the yard or do light exercises. One night, he shocked everyone by entering a conflict to save disciplines of the HwaSan sect and fought on the front lines. In that event, the ridge where the HwaSan sect was located burned to the ground, leaving their threshold destroyed. A bunch of fake masters appeared and massacred all of the disciples and even the young. In response, Hwasan displayed great combat skills to take them down and protect the disciples of the HwaSan sect. To find out the mastermind behind the attack and what their purpose was, Hwasan revealed his identity to the world. After hiding his identity for countless years, high-ranking officials and powerful forces began tearing each other apart, collapsed in front of him to make the Hwasan sect a powerful group.

The Time of Rebirth

45 episodes · Comic Completed 我被困在同一天十万年

When Lin Yue was transported to the Hong Meng Continent, he was forced to live the same day for 100,000 years. No matter how much he struggled, he would still return to the same day at sunrise. In a hundred millennia, Lin Yue learned everything there was to know about the world, unlocking the secrets of countless mighty warriors from numerous sects. Gradually, he had to accept the fact that he would never escape his endless loop of reincarnation. However, on the final day of the 100,000th year, Lin Yue snatched away the Seven Demons Emperor’s fiancée and chopped off the arm of a sect elder’s son. After stirring up such a catastrophe, he suddenly found that a brand-new day had opened its doors for him…

Throne of Seal

Shenman Entertainment
52 episodes · Donghua Ongoing 神印王座

While the demons were rising, mankind was about to become extinct. Six temples rose and protected the last of mankind. A young boy joins the temple as a knight to save his mother. During his journey of wonders and mischief in the world of temples and demons, will he be able to ascend to become the strongest knight and inherit the throne?

Time Prisoner Season 2

Azure Sea Studios
12 episodes · Donghua Completed 时间囚徒第二季

In 2060, in order to solve various supernatural crises, the World Organization selected elite agents from all over the world to form a crisis bureau. The Dangerous Situation selected the elites of the elite to form an ace squad, named the Phantom. Three years ago, in the task of receiving treasures, due to the gullibility of the captain, Hyway, the Phantom Squad was attacked by the Derek Squad, and almost all of them were killed in action. Hyway himself was planted by Derek and fell into the cliff. However, the target treasure, the Immortal Stone, accidentally entered Haoyuan’s body, bringing him back from the dead, gaining the ability to manipulate time, and possessing superpowers such as time static and time reversal. Our protagonist has lived as a fugitive from then on. Haoyuan didn’t want to face the past and chose to remain anonymous, leading a plain life, and guarding Gu Xiaoxi, the sister of his comrade-in-arms. But God’s will, a blue virus appeared in City Y, and the infected person’s skin appeared blue, then spread all over the body little by little, and eventually died. And Gu Xiaoxi was also infected. In order to break the blue virus incident and save Gu Xiaoxi, Hyway returns to the crisis situation. With the sexy and capable secret agent Yu Jie-Xia Rou, the quirky genius Loli-Tong Xiaoxiao, and the second-biggest gangster-Zhan Peng and other weird celebrities make a makeshift to form an alternative phantom team. And our legendary story begins here.

Word of Honor

Passion Paint Animation
24 episodes · Donghua Completed 君有云

After leaving the Academy, four youths go on a journey full of dangers through the martial world to uncover the truths and secrets of their identities and ultimately, to become “junzi”, Word of Honor. They follow the path of honor strictly, living honorably and enacting justice with their own strength.

You’re A Genius

Mili Pictures
24 episodes · Donghua Completed 你真是个天才

In an alternate world, there are two continents, the East Continent and the West Continent. In the snow-capped mountain areas in the north of the West Continent lives a mysterious tribe. The south is controlled by the great Qin Kingdom. The energy of the world comes from the power of devils, which helps the Qin Kingdom to defeat numerous rivals and overcome disasters and build a prosperous civilization. Our story begins when a boy from the northern tribe has the power to defeat devils. He begins a journey in the southern continent abundant with the power of devils.

Zodiac War Chronicles

? episodes · Comic Completed 十二生肖战纪

In ancient times, Emperor Xuanyuan led the twelve zodiac spirit generals to defeat the Chiyou soldier, and the Xuanyuan era began. Many races headed by the twelve zodiac groups lived together. The attributes of each race were different, and the beasts were very different. Although there were small frictions, but it was quiet for thousands of years until an organization called God of Extermination appeared…