Fall 2022

Apocalyptic Super System

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 末世超级系统

The end of the world is coming, terror covers the whole world, and the earth becomes a hunting ground for zombies and mutants. Zhao Tianlei accidentally obtained a mysterious super system. Although he is not a saint, seeing the tragic situation in the world and the death of his classmates, how can he stand by and look at how Zhao Tianlei, who has a super upgrade and exchange system, leads humans to Fight against corpses and restore human civilization?


104 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 百炼成神

Zen Luo, who is now a menial slave, used to be a young master of a big family, owing to the decline of his family, his sister is imprisoned by a strong force, and he has no choice but to be at others’ service. However, Every cloud has a silver lining, The ancient book left by his father actually conceals the magical spell, which can change a human into an instrument! What’s the mysterious power behind all these? This is a contest with fate.

Bai Lian Cheng Shen

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 百炼成神

Zen Luo, who is now a menial slave, used to be a young master of a big family, owing to the decline of his family, his sister is imprisoned by a strong force, he has no choice but to be at others’ service. However, Every cloud has a silver lining, The ancient book left by his father actually conceals the magical spell, which can change a human into an instrument! What’s the mysterious power behind all these? This is contest with fate.

Biography of the Mutants

Yixiang Culture
12 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 魔游纪

500 years ago, the King of the Mutants planned to rid the world of go human race by utilizing the power of Magic Jade. By swallowing the Magic Jade, the Young Monk survived the massacre. However, due to the uncontrollable spirit inside the Magic Jade, the Young Monk began a journey together with Bounty Hunters in order to save his own life and his followers.

Bloody Valentine

30 episodes · COMICS Completed 凡人默示录

Zuo Tianchen is the last living human in a mutated zombie-infested city. Just when he was sure he’d died, he finds his soul returned to just before that ill-fated day ten years ago. He swears he’ll protect the people important to him this time round and reunite with his past lover. Watch his struggles to survive equipped with his memory of the next ten years!

Carp Reborn 3rd Season

CG Year
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 元龙 第三季

Wang Sheng woke up in the modern world, everything was so real and dreamlike. Emergence of the imperial city, appearance of the young master of Family Dai confused the situation. Through a gambling game, Wang Sheng gradually realized it was not just an argument between him and the young master of Family Dai. As a result of the feast, people from all over the world gathered together, and Wang Sheng was once again called to stand in front of the stage. Although Wang Sheng knew that the fights on the field were far less than the dark tide under the field, he didn’t realize that the people of the world were quietly becoming another gambling chip … Even though the dream appeared to wake him suddenly, the key to breaking the situation remained hidden. The inscription nine words wheel is also quietly dialing.

Counterattack of a scheming princess

Ake Culture
26 episodes · COMICS Completed 腹黑王爷:惹不起的下堂妻

The first-class killer in modern times, Chu Ziqiao, died unexpectedly and transmigrated into the direct daughter of a great general, but was bullied by his concubine and concubine? How can this work, so I pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, and I will still seek justice for myself in another world! The fiance was robbed by the concubine? What’s mine is mine, even if it’s not mine, it’s not your turn! Just stuff her with a sick seedling? It doesn’t matter, she can protect him… But, who will tell her what’s going on with this black-bellied and cunning man? Chu Ziqiao originally wanted to live a stable life, but intrigues and tricks followed one after another, bullying repeatedly, since this day was not the day she wanted, then this day was overturned!

Dragon Raja

Garden Culture
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 龙族

Lu Mingfei never expected to live an extraordinary life. He was content with his average achievements and took pride in his skill in Starcraft. However, all that is upended when he suddenly receives a scholarship to study in Chicago at a place called Cassell College.
It all seems too good to be true, this can only be a scam! Little does he know, that when he does eventually accept the offer, it is but the beginning of the rest of his life, and the college’s obscurity will be the least of his concerns once they start telling him about the dragons…

Eternal Dragon God

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 万古龙神

The main character Jiang Han was originally an earthling but accidentally crossed into the cultivation world by the empress Yan Qingcheng to capture his soul to take his ancient chaos soul, Jiang Han struggled to escape and was reborn in the Tianwu continent with his own name, Jiang Han, the empress Yan Qingcheng where the stolen gongfu, the ancient chaos soul cultivation plug-in, the former earthling’s modern knowledge, gathered in one, and see how Jiang Han in the new world Write your own legendary story ……

Everlasting God of Sword

2:10 Animation
26 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 万古剑神

He stood at the pinnacle of the world. Surpassing all since birth in the art of the sword. But fate has left him crippled moments before reaching the apex. But the story continues and the legend will rise again…

Exclusive Possession

Ake Culture
24 episodes · COMICS Completed 独家占有

In the eyes of outsiders, the noble male god who cannot be blasphemed, was pressed by the reincarnated her to be provocative and provocative. He clearly had a face that couldn’t be purer, but why did his restless hands always slide down? He was the one who provoked her first, but in the end she was bullied, tied to the bed, wiped clean, and given a lifetime title. Adapted from the novel “Exclusive Possession: Ji Shao’s Black Wife”

First Rate Master

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 一品高手

He has no special skills, but he mastered kung fu. The martial arts master, Duan Yun, came to a city, and beat up rich people, punishes gangsters. He also gives his affection to a high-quality girl, a hot feisty cop, and cold business woman…


12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 银河之心

When mankind was wiped out, Li Yaosu was sent to seek help from the powerful human civilization in the heart of the galaxy. When the crisis spreads across the entire star field, how will Li Yaosu fight for a chance? Salvation and hope are close at hand, but the direction of the heart is in the vast galaxy.
The donghua is adapted from the award-winning Chinese novel called Yinhe Zhi Zin: Tian Chui Rimu by author Jiang Bo

Heavenly Divine Emperor Ling

IReader Comic
37 episodes · COMICS Completed 凌天神帝

Ling Jian Chen, the master of the God-Emperor , is reborn as a mortal, and he has started an unbeatable life that defeat everyone against him! Genius? Even the God-Emperor is my student. Talking about genius and masters? Even the God-Emperor serves me with respect in order to receive my words of guidance, are you as unbeatable as me? Beauties? Have you ever heard of the most beautiful goddess in the Divine Realm? She has tried everything to stay with me … Everyone in heaven, listen to my orders, I’m the one and the only in all the eight realms in heaven.

Heroic Teacher

60 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 开局十个大帝都是我徒弟

A generation of kings, Gu Xuanchen, had trained ten powerful emperors as disciples, but when he broke through the shackles sealed in his body, he was unfortunately destroyed by a thunder calamity! Reborn as a son-in-law, in order to get back to the top, he has overcome all obstacles and strengthened himself – slaying demons, suppressing evil spirits; saving the clan, saving the disciples and grandchildren! In the process of step-by-step warm-blooded cultivation and defeating powerful enemies, he has not only achieved his own growth and rise, but also gained the precious fetters of his loved ones…

I want to be the Emperor

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 本宫要做皇帝

Ye Zhen, the queen of a generation of actresses, accidentally crossed over at the awards ceremony. She thought she was holding a female lead script like “Traveling to become an unfavored queen but relying on her strength to slap her face all the way to the pinnacle of life”. Such as the play is full of surprises, if you fall, you will switch bodies with the emperor!

Legendary Twins

18 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 绝代双骄

The story of twin brothers who separated at birth but grew up to be supreme martial artists. Raised to take revenge on each other they soon find themselves becoming good friends. Together they vow to take the martial arts world by storm and search for their true identities.

Jiang Xiao Yu, better known as Xiao Yu Er, was raised by the Ten Great Villains in the Villains’ Valley. He was trained and brought up to think that he will be the top villain in the martial arts world. Over the years, he has learned many tricks and becomes a mischievous prankster, though with a good heart. Once he was ready to leave the Villains’ Valley, he meets Hua Wu Que, who he doesn’t know is actually his twin brother. Hua Wu Que grew up in Yi Hua Palace under the care of Princess Yao Yue. Princess Yao Yue had a one-sided love for his father, Jiang Feng, and wanted to take revenge on him. Thus, she separated the twins at birth and raised them with the hopes they would be enemies and fight each other to death.

Leveling up in a Fantasy World

Qu Yue Technology
40 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 我在仙界挣积分

When he opened his eyes, he was actually in a different world, bound by a silly system, telling him that dominating the world was no longer a dream! And such good things? Qin Huai gave in and became a 007 wage earner in another world, earning points day and night, and of course, the result was really fragrant! Divine soldiers, treasures, peerless exercises, and gentle and lovely little junior sisters, all came to their arms! What is the daily life of Zongmen? Of course, it’s a salted fish on the surface and a volume king behind the scenes. The upgrade speed catches up with everyone, and one accident can save the whole sect! Who would have thought that the elders of the sects had secretly assassinated, the Demon Sect attacked the mountains, and the four sects of the Immortal Alliance fell apart… Let’s see how the young man grasps the system and dominates the other wor

Nine Heavens Emperor God Season 3

40 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 九霄帝神 第3季

After the unfortunate death of Tianchen Divine King Jiang Chen, his soul pierced into the body of the useless disciple, vowing to return to the throne of the Divine King! Let’s watch Jiang Chen and his disciples rise up from the ruins and ruins, fight the sky and fight the earth, return to Jiuxiao, and open the sky with divine blood!

No Doubt in Us 2nd Season

Paper Plane Animation Studio
24 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 两不疑 第二季

Second season of Liang Bu Yi.

Qi Refining for 3000 Years

Shanghai Foch Film and TV Culture Investment
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 炼气练了3000年

At the age of seventeen, Bai already reached level ten of the Qi Refining stage, just about to breakthrough. What a genius!

Three thousand years later, Bai has already reached level 66,66a of Qi Refining… yet… there’s still no sign of breaking through at all. From Grandmaster to “Grand-Monster”, he can still be a bad*ss even when stuck on the newbie stage for three thousand years!

Reborn 80000 years

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 重生八万年

The God of Cosmos was framed and persecuted after he failed in the competition over the crown of the lord. No one would expect he could come back to life 80 thousand years later. This time his soul was accidentally bound with Yang Chen, the son of a servant. Unfortunately, Yang Chen, the original body owner, was the worst at cultivation. How could the God of Cosmos start his revenge planned for 80 millenniums? The answer is, of course, cultivation!

Star Field Forty Thousand Years

DC Impression Vision
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 星域四万年

Li Yao, a genius craftsman, has been unable to break through the bottleneck due to the low development of his psychic powers, and then he obtained 40,000 years of cultivation by chance. Knowledge, thus opened up, but still missed the joint entrance examination. With the encouragement of friends and mentors, relying on his willpower to regain the opportunity to participate in the joint entrance examination, he finally entered the university of his choice and entered the story of realizing his dream of becoming a craftsman.

Starting After Thousand Rebirth Season 2

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 开局重生一千次第2季

Three years ago, his Supreme Bone was taken, Ever since then Jiang Yu was reduced to a handyman disciple, spending his days chopping firewood and fresh water and receiving cold looks. Three years later… “Congratulations to the host System has been Activated, awakening the strongest physique in the heavens and all realms!” Hearing this, Jiang Yu smashed the pole! The system, at last, it activated! It All Starts With Being Reborn 1 Thousand Times

Strongest Abandoned Son

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 最强弃少

When Ye Mo woke up, he found that everything around him seemed to be changed: The beautiful master disappeared; he became abandoned one by the family; even more, he became the object of being humiliated by a woman standing on the podium with his love letter. But these were not important at all. The most important thing was that he remembered another terrible thing that didn’t belong to him…

Super Cube

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 超能立方

An ordinary boy won the affection from his goddess, and thus pissed off a gang leader.
He got a mysterious cube accidentally and started his venture with superpowers.
Helping people and punishing evils, he’s getting more and more powerful!

Supreme Spirit Master

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 超神灵主

The gods have fallen for a long time, and the psionicists who inherited the “brand of the gods” have retreated to a corner. Ordinary people live and work in peace, and gradually forget the stories of those gods. The young Qi Ge lived an ordinary life, but his fate was due to a “Photon Hero Biography: Super Divine Main Dynamic Anime”

Sweet Bite Marks

Panda Tower Studio
12 episodes · TV Completed 甜美的咬痕

A noble vampire prince falls for a menial human blood servant… from refusal to accept, she begins to worry about him and solve problems for him… However, there are gaps in status, classes, and hatred between them, in this confrontation between vampires and humans, will they finally break the rule and be together?

Sword of Dawn

CG Year
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 长夜开拓者

The main character died in a plane crash accident, he was transported to a strange spatial installation orbiting a strange alien world with a physical body, for over a hundred thousand years he observed the emergence and evolution of life and the formation and fall of civilizations until he woke up in a coffin, the story follows Gawain, the Grand Duke and a founder of the Kingdom of Ansu.

The Blood of Youth (2022)

40 episodes · Live Action Completed 少年歌行

This drama tells the story of the fledgling young knight Lei Wujie, who strayed into Xueluo Mountain Villa on his way to Xueyuecheng, the largest city in the rivers and lakes, and was involved in a sensational event that caused a sensation in the whole rivers and lakes.

The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 3

Pb Animation
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 仙王的日常生活 第三季

Third season of Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo.

The Emperor of Myriad Realms

Ruo Hong Culture
50 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 万界至尊

The mainland of Kyushu is vast and boundless. There are immortals living in Yunque Mountain, and there are also powerful people who hide in the cave. The world yearns for the immortal way, and seeks the right way to ascend to the immortal. The Yunhai Villa where Chu Yunfei lives is located in Qingzhou in the south of Kyushu. It belongs to the Tianwu Empire, one of the three empires in Qingzhou. His father Chu Tianxing and his mother Ye Qingyu are members of the famous Tianwu Seven Sons of the empire. When the seven sons were young, they often travelled together and searched for fairy traces. By chance, they discovered the ancient miracle–Zixiao Immortal Mansion, and each obtained a jade slip engraved with a peerless skill in the Immortal Mansion. Returning to the Tianwu Empire with the jade slips, each of them practiced their skills. It was not until many years later that they accidentally discovered that these seven jade slips could be combined into a key. They speculated that this key might be able to open another cave in the Immortal Mansion. The secret news is spreading like wildfire, and the mainland is getting more and more turbulent…
Wan jie zhizun

The Infinitors

Wonder Cat Animation
? episodes · DONGHUA Completed 无限世界

An affluent white-collar worker receives a mysterious invitation: “Would you like to know what life is about?” “Would you like to live your life fully?” It is sent into the unpredictable space of the Lord God, and future human beings will invite and challenge the present world, and the different challenges that humans face during the era of great universe development will be simulated as copies as well. The “copies” will guide the selected people to overcome many traps, meet life-and-death comrades, and become leaders. All of this is in the interest of human evolution, survival, and infinite futures!

The King of Bug

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 我靠BUG上王者

Song An is a down-and-out programmer at the bottom of the social chain. His daily work consists of fixing bugs BUGs for a game called [New World]. However, he secretly adds his own little Easter eggs to the game. Suddenly, the game somehow became reality. He has to rely on his understanding of the BUGs in the game and the Easter eggs he had set up. Can Song An successfully counterattack?

The Rebirth of the Demon God

80 episodes · COMICS Completed 重生之武尊当道

The demon leader Di Shi Tian was betrayed by his most trusted friend, and perished under the combined attack of the Five Sects. When the world thought they had vanquished the demons, Shi Tian is reborn as a student Mo Fan. Without his powers and abilities, and under the attack of the Five Sects, Di Shi Tian starts his journey of revenge.

The rise of the Eye of the Nine Realms

? episodes · TV Completed 九域之天眼崛起

When Yang Xiaoyi, the son of God of War, crossed the crystal wall, his body was destroyed and he was reborn on the earth and entered the Ziwei Academy to practice. Because of his poor spiritual roots, he was called the most trash student in history, but he was mysterious and powerful. The Tianyu system began to embark on the road of cultivation again. And unite the powerhouses of the Nine Realms to fight against the evil God Destroyer Army.

The Story of Fengzhi Senla

Star Hunter Animation
20 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 风姿物语 仙罗篇

The precursor of the storm is about to shake the entire Wind Continent. A wedding with a lot of inside information has attracted people from all walks of life, making Xianluo City a wrestling field for the seven major sects to fight openly and secretly. The ambitious Lancelot, the outstanding swordsman Hanajiro, the mysterious and wise Kogoro, and Snow who fishes in troubled waters, ride this undercurrent, either intentionally or unintentionally, by fate, they gather in Xianluo city, and together they set off the continent of shocking wind of gigantic waves.

The Strongest Immortal Chen Beixuan Season 2

100 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 最强仙尊陈北玄 第二季

During the catastrophe period, the great monk Chen Fan fell into the catastrophe, but he returned to his youth on earth. In my last life, I climbed to the top of the universe and overlooked the world, but I was not accompanied by anyone. In this life, I only wish to live up to my past and my lord.
Popular version: The story of a five-hundred-year-old cultivator who was reborn in the city during the catastrophe period, made up for his regrets, playing pig eat the tiger.

The Strongest Seal Master

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 开局签到封印卡

The story takes place in the post-modern urban world of TianNeng Lu Xing, where special powers, cultivation, technology and all kinds of strange and bizarre elements exist. The main character, CHEN Ping, is the weakest profession of the card master apart from the advanced professions such as Seal Master, Holy Light Master, Sword Cultivator, Shadow Master, Mechanic and Elemental Master. In the end, it is precisely Chen Ping who is promoted to Seal Master and becomes the strongest Seal Master on the land planet, leading everyone to explore the underground ruins, find the root cause of the ” zombie ” and protect the world peace.

The Three-Body Problem

YHKT Entertainment
15 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 三体

Adaptation of the 2015 Hugo Award winner novel by Cixin Liu.

1967: Ye Wenjie witnesses Red Guards beat her father to death during China’s Cultural Revolution. This singular event will shape not only the rest of her life but also the future of mankind.

Four decades later, Beijing police ask nanotech engineer Wang Miao to infiltrate a secretive cabal of scientists after a spate of inexplicable suicides. Wang’s investigation will lead him to a mysterious online game and immerse him in a virtual world ruled by the intractable and unpredictable interaction of its three suns.

This is the Three-Body Problem and it is the key to everything: the key to the scientists’ deaths, the key to a conspiracy that spans light-years and the key to the extinction-level threat humanity now faces.

The Time of Rebirth Season 2

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 我被困在同一天十万年第二季

The Time of Rebirth: When Lin Yue was transported to the Hong Meng Continent, he was forced to live the same day for 100,000 years. No matter how much he struggled, he would still return to the same day at sunrise. In a hundred millennia, Lin Yue learned everything there was to know about the world, unlocking the secrets of countless mighty warriors from numerous sects. Gradually, he had to accept the fact that he would never escape his endless loop of reincarnation. However, on the final day of the 100,000th year, Lin Yue snatched away the Seven Demons Emperor’s fiancée and chopped off the arm of a sect elder’s son. After stirring up such a catastrophe, he suddenly found that a brand-new day had opened its doors for him…

Ultimate Soldier

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 最终魂意

Nowadays, that Bird Star is under permanent siege. Only those who have a powerful guardian spirit, a “War Spirit”, can change their fates and stand against 10,000 people. Juvenile Rogge’s father had the strongest fighting spirit, but he betrayed the country, causing Rogge and his mother to be bullied and to lose their place. In order to clean up humiliation and change the destiny of his family, the teenager broke into the world’s fiercest and scariest villain academy and strive against opponents with powerful fighting spirits. Can Rogue get rid of the misery and boundary surrounding his life, or not?

Unlock 99 Heroines in End Times

Ake Culture
40 episodes · COMICS Completed 解锁末世的99个女主

What do you do when a plane hits a building? Cry out? Call for help? Hao Lanren, a top martial artist, laughed: No, as a man of the world, of course, is to use his fist to hit the plane!… He died and crossed over to the zombie-ridden post-apocalyptic world, and awakened to the system, killing zombies to explode gold, buy equipment, and found that the number of women is also unexpectedly high… so in the company of many confidantes, launched a journey to save the world!

Vanguard Dragon God

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 万古龙神

The protagonist Jiang Han was originally an earthling but accidentally crossed into the realm of self-cultivation and was captured by the female emperor Yan Qingcheng to capture his soul of primordial chaos. On Jiang Han, the female emperor Yan Qingcheng stealthily learned the exercises, the practice plug-in of the Primordial Chaos Soul, and the modern knowledge of the earthlings in the previous life, all together, let’s see how Jiang Han writes his own legendary story in the new world.

Virtual Realm Reconstruction

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing Xu Jing Zhong Gou

In 3022, the blue star was invaded by alien civilizations, and countless war machines came here through the teleportation site. The war machines crazily narrowed the search range, and Xia Zhixu was resisting some kind of erosion… The team sent by the cosmos federation—— Alpha-300 appeared in front of him at the same time.

“The magic or advanced civilization technology you can imagine actually exists.”
Chen Xingyao said this. She claimed to be from the Cosmic Federal Picket Team – using a visual technology panel for task communication, item storage, and skill use.

White Cat Legend Season 2

Dali Si Rizhi Season 2, Nice Boat Animation
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 大理寺日志 第2季

We follow the daily life of Shen Shi, a young man looking for his brother. To find him, he goes to the Dali Temple. One thing led to another, he eventually became an officer for Li Bing, a senior official with the appearance of a white cat.

Who am I? I am the Strongest Hero

45 episodes · COMICS Completed 不装了,我比英雄还强

In a world full of superpowers and terrifying crises, it is superheroes who guard the world’s stability. And Zhou Shuntian, who was sentenced to be incompetent from birth, is very eager to become a hero who saves the world. In an accident, he inadvertently acquired a power completely different from his superpower, and he has since become an alternative hero, in his own way.

Wu Fist

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 武拳

In a world where experts harness and strengthen their martial soul to become a Martial Fist Master! Follow the adventure of a young martial fist master as he makes friends and fights against all before him.

Your Talent is mine

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 我能复制天赋

The young man Ye Tian obtains the ability to copy the talents of others, and now fights against the heavens to change his fate. He struggles to survive and protect his sister from the apocalypse of the alien beast invasion. In order to become stronger, he begins to explore the unknown world, and gradually reveals the secret behind the invasion of the alien dimensions…