Fall 2021

Dou Shen Ji

Ancient Girl’s-Frame

Seven Stone Entertainment
12 episodes · TV Completed 斗神姬

At the end of the 21st century, the discovery of a new energy source called “DG energy” (short for “divine grace energy”) has revolutionized Earth’s economy and allowed humanity to colonize space. However, when the initial expedition reaches Pluto, they are attacked by a mysterious, giant life-form known as “Nergal.”

The Earth Alliance Army fights back by creating an “AG Unit” using ancient robot weapons known as the “G’s Frame” which were excavated from archaeological sites all around the world. Girls with special qualities known as “Ancient Girls” can pilot these robots against the Nergal. However, the first AG Unit suffers heavy casualties in the Jupiter Trojan campaign, and the pilot of Unit 04, Minamiya Reiu, goes missing-in-action…

Years later, Minamiya Reika, the younger sister of Reiu, enlists with the AG Unit to search for her sister and to protect the Earth from the Nergal. A story of friendship, ancient robot weapons, and battles to the death with the Nergal ensues.


Riot Games
9 episodes · DONGHUA Completed

From the creators of League of Legends comes a new animated series, Arcane. Set in the utopian region of Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun, the story follows the origins of two iconic League champions-and the power that will tear them apart.

Battle Through The Heavens: Three Year Agreement

Motion Magic
13 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 斗破苍穹三年之约

Battle Through The Heavens: Three Year Agreement

Cat’s Tea

17 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 猫之茗

Jasmine, a 15-year-old girl, has just entered high school. On her first day of being a high school student, she was struck by lightning and came to the Tea continent. In a daze, she was picked up by a gentle boy, Longjing, and brought home. She woke up and accidentally touched the ear of her savior and then was identified as a rare magician (with multi-attribute magic). Jasmine meets red fox Keemun, samoyed Pu’er, and other partners one after another in this half-orc world, and starts her wonderful adventure!

Cinderella Chef Season 2

Wawayu Animation
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 萌妻食神 第二季

Forced to Become the Villain’s Son-in-law Season 2

? episodes · COMICS Ongoing 被迫成为反派赘婿 第二季

Hitori no Shita: The Outcast 4th Season

Namu Animation
12 episodes · TV Completed 一人之下 第四季

The fourth season of Yi Ren Zhi Xia.

I Am Legend

36 episodes · COMICS Completed 炼气练了三千年

Three thousand years ago, Bai Qiuran was accepted as a disciple by the Qingming Taoist, After three thousand years, his teacher become immortal, the elder fails to cross the bullet, even the youngest sister builds base successfully, But Bai Qiuran experienced three thousand years of penance still just stay in the refining period, actually, his refining period has reached a great level, no matter the opponent is a fairy god or devil, he can easily win. Through his tireless efforts, he finally broke through!

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Ember Lab
1 episodes · TV Completed Kena: Bridge of Spirits

In the world of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, deceased people can remain between the physical and spirit worlds if they are traumatized or feel unfinished. The task of spirit guides is to understand their difficulties and help them to move on. In the game, a young spirit guide named Kena (Dewa Ayu Dewi Larassanti) travels to an abandoned village in search of the sacred Mountain Shrine. She collects small companions called the Rot, who help her throughout her journey. On the way to the village, she confronts a powerful masked spirit who reveals himself to be the cause of corruption in the forest, forcing it to decay and unleashing deadly monsters on the land. Kena insists that she can help his spirit move on, but he refuses and leaves. In the village, Kena meets former elder Zajuro (Vlasta Vrána), who informs her that she must help the trapped spirits before being granted passage to the shrine.

My ACG Parents

Paper Animation
24 episodes · TV Completed 爸妈来自二次元

Tong Qi, a girl who has been indoctrinated with otaku culture by her parents since she was a child, tries her best not to have anything to do with “otaku”. She has always regarded her classmate, Yang Wei, a pure three-dimensional sunshine boy, as her idol, but one day, she heard the word “fujoshi” from the mouth of this “idol”.

Nine Heavens Emperor God

40 episodes · TV Completed 九霄帝神

Three thousand years ago, Jiang Chen became a god and became a god, but he fell unexpectedly. Three thousand years later, a mysterious light descended from the sky, and the statue collapsed. Jiang Chen and his disciples rose up from the ruins, not afraid of power, fighting the sky and the earth, starting to redeem themselves, and sending out the most domineering words.

Renjian Zui Deyi

Proud Swordsman

40 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 人间最得意

Li Fuyao, a mysteriously young storyteller, wins over the villagers with his fantastic original tales in a peaceful and secluded town. Actually, born in Luoyang City, he used to be a prestigiously selected child, who should have been cultivating in the holy palace. However, life has treated him otherwise. He was expelled to this remote town, unattended. Notwithstanding, like a hidden leopard, he is always lurking around to get himself back on the road of cultivation and seek revenge when he becomes strong enough. One day, a masterly cultivator and an injured snake demon paid him an unexpected visit, breaking the peace of his life from then on. To his surprise, the snake demon offered him a demonic core for cultivation, which granted him the chance he has been yearning for. Is it really a turning point in his life or will it just put him into inconceivable danger?

Qian Yi’s Biography

12 episodes · COMICS Completed 千伊传

Qin’s Moon Season 1 Remastered

Sparkly Key Animation Studio
14 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 秦时明月之百步飞剑

Set during the Qin Dynasty in ancient China, a brave assassin attempts to kill the Emperor to save his homeland. However, the assassin fails and in retaliation, the Emperor sends his troops to kill his eight year old son. A highly skilled swordsman intervenes and rescues the boy. After their escape from the forces of the Emperor, they embark on a journey to change the destiny of the empire while encountering several friends and foes along the way.

Qin’s Moon Season 2 Remastered

Sparkly Key Animation Studio
25 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 秦时明月之夜尽天明

Emperor Qin sent Quicksand to destroy Mechanic City, home of the Mohist School. At the same time, Duanmu Rong sent the three children, Tianming, Shao Yu, and Gao Yu, to the forbidden grounds of the Mohist School, a place where no one was allowed to enter without permission.

Rich Player Season 2

52 episodes · COMICS Completed 氪金玩家第二季

Acting pretentious is his hobby! Being the ultimate rich player, he’s used to spending “expenses” around others on the down-low, having the most extravagant equipment and armor. In the gaming world, there’s nothing that can’t be solved with money!

Righteous Evil

23 episodes · COMICS Completed 正邪

Amidst a world of Tao and evil demons, good and bad, an ancient poltergeist and a young priest of guardian seals accidentally break a seal whilst going on an adventure to find the way of imprints, constantly challenging the line between good and evil.

Song Of The Pillow Sword Special

Infinity Animation
2 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 枕刀歌 特别篇

Spare Me, Great Lord!

BigFireBird Animation
12 episodes · TV Completed 大王饶命

This is the story of an orphan, Lu Shu. He is not any regular orphan, but a metahuman experiencing the changes in himself, his country and the world during the dawn of the magical era. Watch as Lu Shu embarks on a journey to hone his peculiar abilities together with his sister, the adorable and charismatic Lu Xiaoyu. Along the way, they’ll encounter supernatural events, obstacles, and even the most powerful people in their country. How will Lu Shu make the best of his abilities and oust his never-ending list of rivals and opponents?

Tales of Demons and Gods Season 5

Ruo Hong Culture
52 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 妖神记第五季

The fifth season of Yao Shen Ji.

The Kind Death God

Motion Comic
42 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 善良的阿呆

Adapted from the novel “The Kind Death” by the third young master of the Tang family, the simple and kind-hearted dumb who made a living by stealing since he was a child was taken away by the powerful alchemist Corris for a certain purpose during a theft, and later worshipped the killer Owen as his teacher. The story of learning a peerless martial art and finally saving the world.

The Legend Of Sword Domain

Ruo Hong Culture
194 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 剑域风云

In the ancient sword domain continent, there are ten Excalibur and five families. One of the five families, Lu Yang, a descendant of the Lu family, in a crisis to escape from the pursuit of the moment of awakening the sacred sword “Peach God sword”, to avoid the pursuit. He kept a low profile, practiced hard, avenged his mother, explored the truth, in the various big clans between the forces of the struggle mediation, and finally dominate the world! Ten swords, ask the sword domain continent. “The Legend Of Sword Domain”

The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire

Joicy Studio
104 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 冰火魔厨

Nian Bing is the son of a fire mage and an ice mage. After both of his parents were killed by the Ice Lord, Nian Bing received both of his parents’ magic gems. When Nian Bing was trying to escape from the Ice Lord’s followers, he managed to cast both fire and ice magic at the same time, an impossible feat for a mage. He fell from the cliff, unconscious, and was saved by an old man. After he woke up, the old man gave him food that was more delicious than anything he had tasted before. It turned out that the old man was a genius chef, once called a spirit chef. And he wants Nian Bing to be his disciple no matter what! Is Nian Bing able to seek vengeance while aiming to become the greatest chef?

The Mirror: Twin Cities

Shanghai Foch Film Culture Investment
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 镜·双城

The Mirror Twin Cities, Here comes a fantastic tale. Optimistic and carefree Miao girl Nasheng goes a long way to Yunhuang to escape the violent times. But, is Yunhuang the Utopia? Every step she takes in Yunhuang, she finds herself caught in grotesque, thrilling games of swords and fire, and meets the legends of distinctive characters who staged beautiful mythical stories.

Time Prisoner

Azure Sea Studios
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 时间囚徒

In 2060, the world organization, in order to solve various supernatural crises, selected elite agents around the world to form the Wei Intelligence Bureau. The Bureau of Wei Intelligence also selects the elite of the elite to form an ace squad named “Phantom”. Three years ago, in a mission to receive the treasure, due to the gullibility of the captain Hao Yuan, the Phantom Squad was attacked by the Derek Squad, and almost all of them were killed in action. Hao Yuan himself was also planted by Derek and fell into the cliff. However, the target treasure – the eternal stone accidentally entered Hao Yuan’s body, bringing him back from the dead and gaining the supernatural ability to manipulate time, possessing superpowers such as time stand still and time rewind. From then on, our main character started to live a fugitive’s career. Hao Yuan does not want to face the past and chooses to live anonymously, living a dull life, dedicated to guarding his comrade’s sister – Gu Xiao Xi. But God forbid, a blue virus appeared in Y city, the infected skin blue texture, and then a little throughout the body, and eventually died. And Gu Xiaoxi, too, was infected. In order to solve the blue virus incident and save Gu Xiaoxi, Hao Yuan returns to the Wei Intelligence Bureau. With the hot and smart secret agent – Xia Rou, the quirky genius loli – Tong Xiao Xiao, and the middle-aged big man – Zhan Peng and other weirdos temporarily get together to form an alternative The Phantom Squad. And our legendary story began.

Urban Immortal Emperor

Animation Dong
24 episodes · COMICS Completed 都市绝品仙帝

A generation of fairy King Jiang Feng returned and was reborn as a junior high school student. He wanted to return all the bullying, humiliation and regret he had received in his previous life. And he became stronger

Everlasting God of Sword

Wan Gu Jian Shen

38 episodes · COMICS Completed 萬古劍神

The most popular swordsman in the world, the name Shen Sanong son. The most famous swordsman in the world, arouses Wanzang Jian Jing. The most powerful and mysterious place in the world is to abandon the Jianzhanzhuang. Update every Saturday morning, update ~

White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake ( Dub)

Light Chaser Animation Studios
1 episodes · Movie Completed 白蛇Ⅱ: 青蛇劫起

At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, Xiaobai was forced by Fahai under the Leifeng Pagoda after saving Xu Xian. Xiaoqing was accidentally driven into a strange fantasy of Shura city by Fahai. In several crises, Xiaoqing was rescued by the mysterious masked youth. With the obsession of going out to rescue Xiaobai, Xiaoqing went through the calamity and growth, and together with the masked youth to find a way to leave.

The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife Season 3

Xie Wang Zhui Qi 3rd Season

Big Firebird Cultural Media
16 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 邪王追妻3:神女归来

Su Luo was taken away by her love rival Li Yaoyao and her master Yanxia Fairy. Without her shadow transfer technique, she reveals her true face, which would also reveal her mysterious background. Su Luo escaped control and destroyed the Yunxia Fairy Cave, but he was also seriously injured and fell into the sea. The one who rescued her was her lover who assassinated her on earth—Yun Qi. In the midst of shock, Yun Qi blurts out about how he knows the secret about Su Luo’s identity. Meanwhile, Nangong used all types of forces to find Su Luo. Will Su Luo choose the shortcut for the secret of her identity, to go with Yun Qu who betrayed her, or to return to Nangong Liuyun and work together to uncover what she wants to know…

Yang Yao: The Spirit Catcher

11 episodes · TV Completed 识夜描银

The legendary myth, Young Master Weisu, has changed the concept of the world and created a new era, making the Exorcist’s status extremely high and respected. However, this era of the “Silver Tracing Master” rapidly declined overnight, and everything related to the Silver Tracing Technique disappeared completely. This era, which only existed in legends, had aroused Yang Yao’s interest. After starting the trip back and forth, he gradually discovered that the real thing was far from over.

Zi Chuan

42 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 紫川

The anime “Zichuan” is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Zi Lao,  tells the story of the mythical Xichuan continent, the legend of the blood of generations: within the human empire, the distant mysterious Eastern family, Zichuan three heroes rise! The older brother, Dilin, is calm and resourceful, the second brother, Sterling, is a loyal and patriotic leader, and the third brother, Zichuan Xiu, is known as a scoundrel, but he is also wise and brave.Zichuan’s family has internal and external troubles, and the three masters of Zichuan have their own magical powers: Zichuanxiu repelled the fierce demons at a critical moment, and went to the tiger’s den to chase the rebellious Leihong alone; Sterling takes the family as the priority, ruthless and affectionately bidding farewell to lovers… Humans, demons, orcs, and Far Eastern tribes, in this continent have been disturbed, entangled. In the blending of blood and fire, the collision of swords and swords constitutes a huge epic story-Zichuan.. The animation depicts a unique and wonderful world, showing a group of characters with different personalities, one by one.This is a story about this legendary family and a hundred years of their blood and tears.