Fall 2020

A Fanatic for Cultivation

50 episodes · COMICS Completed 修仙狂徒

Battle Through the Heavens Comics Season 2

52 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 斗破苍穹动态漫画第二季

The genius young Xiao Yan suddenly became a cripple after creating an unprecedented cultivation record in the family, and all kinds of blows followed one after another. Just when he was about to despair, a ray of soul emerged from the ring in his hand, and a brand new door opened in front of him. After hard training, he finally achieved a glorious story.

Core Sense (Xin Jue)

CG Year
13 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 芯觉

The power of beginnings, the energy of the core stone; one may find it good, one may find it evil. During a normal investigation, Yue Juntian finds himself drawn into the battle between the ‘beginnings’ of Yun City; Jiang Xin arrives in Yun City to stop Li Zunyuan’s plan to take over. The two influence each other – one solves the mystery of their birth, the other redeems themselves. Together, they oppose Li Zunyuan.

Devour Eternity

30 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 吞噬永恒

After being betrayed and having his martial arts skills taken away, the once genius young master accidentally obtains a sacred object, the Devouring Star Map, and awakens the body of the sacred vein, breaking through the emptiness with one foot. Destroy the world to become eternal!

Dragon Prince Yuan

13 episodes · TV Completed 元尊 第一季

Adapted from the comic “Yuan Zun” of the same name by the well-known writer Tian can Tudou. It tells the story of Zhou Yuan, the prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty, who was killed by the enemy’s Dawu dynasty. Cultivation is a matter of life. As for the young Zhou Yuan, with endless blood, he met the young girl Yaoyao and got the Tianyuan Magic Pen to release his shackles and defeat Dawu. Zhou Yuan vowed to take back everything that belongs to him

Fox Spirit Matchmaker 10th Season

Haoliners Animation League
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 狐妖小红娘 沐天城

The tenth season of Huyao Xiao Hongniang.

God Of The Magical World

Ruo Hong Culture
54 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 万界神法

At the end of the calendar 2020, the continent of Stern, which has reached the end of civilization due to the exhaustion of magic elements, ushered in the destruction of the continent under the void storm. Ye Xuan, the last god of the magician in the continent, unexpectedly awakened in the era of the prosperous magic civilization three thousand years ago and became an ordinary student at the Sith Magic Academy on the border of the Kingdom of Orlando in the northwest of the continent. In order to save the continent and prevent the end from coming, Ye Xuan began to explore the mystery of the dark turmoil that led to the depletion of magical elements in the continent three thousand years ago, to prevent the continent crisis. Elf races, giant dragons, Beamon, orc races… each of the lively races, the vigorous vitality, and the glorious continent made Ye Xuan more aware of his mission. The God Of The Magical World, this wonderful world, this world will be saved by me, Ye Xuan!

Han Hua Ri Ji 2nd Season

12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 汉化日记 第二季

Heaven Official’s Blessing

Haoliners Animation League
11 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 天官赐福

The Royal Prince of Xianle, Xie Lian, was demoted for the third time. But after being demoted, he accidentally destroyed the priests’ golden palace. So he can only descend into the earth to obliterate ghosts in exchange for services as compensation.

In the experience of the mortal world, Xie Lian meets two little priests and a person named Huacheng, the king of deceit. Together, the four of them solve complicated incidents and gradually connect with seemingly glamorous immortal beings. A tragic priest’s past story.


Heaven Official’s Blessing (天官赐福 , Tian Guan Ci Fu) is a donghua based on a Chinese web novel of the same name, written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (墨香铜臭). The show falls into the xianxia genre (a fantasy genre influence by Taoism, Buddhism, and Chinese mythology).

Heaven Official’s Blessing (Dub)

Haoliners Animation League
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 天官赐福

The heavens shake, the thunder rumbles, and Xie Lian appears with an apologetic smile—again! Eight hundred years prior, he was a beloved martial god, known as the Crown Prince of Xianle. Now, he ascends to the heavenly realm for the third time, but simply as a pitiful scrap-collecting god with no followers behind him.

On his first mission, Xie Lian finds himself alone in the dark moonlit night. There, a gentle man dressed in red guides him through the forest. However, as abruptly as he appeared, the man suddenly dissipates into a swarm of silver butterflies.

Xie Lian later learns that this mysterious stranger was none other than Hua Cheng, the Crimson Rain Sought Flower, a Ghost King feared by both demons and gods alike. But before Xie Lian can figure out why Hua Cheng would help a Heavenly Official like himself, he meets San Lang. A young man possessing great knowledge on not only the Ghost King, but also the now forgotten Crown Prince, San Lang decides to accompany Xie Lian on his journey of unveiling the mysteries of the past.

I Am Dahuandan

25 episodes · COMICS Completed 我是大还丹

The superb Dahuan Dan, which has been refined for 100,000 years, has been transformed into a human form! Bring your own mission to help others become immortals! But the medicinal properties are too strong, and a cultivation master will explode if he eats just a little! Stirred the whole comprehension arena. Da Huan Dan stepped into the world with a pure heart, looking for someone to eat himself, and gradually gained humanity.

Knights on Debris

14 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 星骸骑士

In the future, human exploration of the universe has entered a prosperous era. Machinist Chen Mo originally thought he would be able to successfully reach the new world developed by mankind-Nohara Star in an interstellar spacecraft. Unexpectedly, when he woke up, Ye Yuan Xing became a piece of scorched earth, and his teammates became terrifying puppet monsters. Chen Mo didn’t know that during the several hundred years of sleeping in the dormant cabin, humans had established an interstellar federation, and the wild planet had been transformed into charcoal. Why am I still alive? ——With countless questions, Chen Mo repaired four robot assistants with different personalities and different functions.

Legend of Nine Nights

Guangzhou Yichen Animation Culture
13 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 九夜神传

At the beginning of the spiritual world, the yin and yang are not divided, the sacred grandeur is smashed, the road germinates, the spirits are born in them, the spirits create all things in the spiritual world, and in the source of the gods, turn their power into [nine holy artifacts] to maintain the spirit Stable and endless. The human race of the spirit world, Emperor Torch, suddenly discovered the method of cultivating the avenue fragments [spiritual energy] and became the king of the first generation to rule the human race. He discovered the powerful power of the source god valley, so he went into the source god valley, trying to use the mortal The body masters the mighty power of the gods, but the holy heavenly weapons are so powerful that extraordinary people can get their hands on them. The torch emperor was eventually swallowed by the powerful spiritual power. Before the death of the torch emperor, he said: those who inherit the nine holy heavenly weapons will gain eternal life and be with the world. Qi Shou. Nowadays, ordinary people can only live in a city protected by the Holy Heaven Spirit Tool. The spiritual world is divided by the Xuanyang, the Moon Clan, and the Mountain Sea Alliance. The three legs stand on top of each other, barely maintaining peace on the surface…  Liuli, the patriarch of the Shadowmoon Clan As the heir of the Shadowmoon Clan, she is talented and everyone hopes that she can bring the Shadowmoon Clan to rise again. But Liuli only wants to live a simple and easy life, being a salted fish.

Liu Xing Huan Jian

60 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 流星幻剑

Twenty years after the war between immortals and demons, the three worlds have reached a delicate state of balance. And at this time, the young man Ye Bugui, who was carrying an important secret, broke away from the protection of the Immortal world of Sword Spirit and appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. His appearance broke the balance, with the end of the war dormant twenty years of intrigue resurfaced, the young man in an attempt to protect the world at the same time, but also knows his own life. His life journey is full of dangers, some come and some go. It may be his fate not to be two words

Ni Zai Xing Guang Shen Chu

12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 你在星光深处

Qin Shi Ming Yue: Canghai Hengliu

Sparkly Key Animation Studio
23 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 秦时明月之沧海横流

Another gust of wind and rain quietly passed away with the sunrise in the east, shattering the assassination of the anti-Qin alliance, and the reign of the Great Qin Empire once again returned to calm on the surface, as if nothing happened last night.

Qin Shi Huang strategized and carried out a successful cleansing of the anti-Qin forces in the world, forcing the anti-Qin forces to hide in the vast rivers and lakes to cultivate and live. The resulting incident of burning books and Confucianism also enabled Qin Shihuang to successfully eradicate alienation. Finally, the mirage set sail and drove overseas to find the elixir.

Qin Xia – The Warrior From Qin

Qiyuan Yinghua
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 秦侠

Across thousands of years, a terracotta warrior comes back to life! With a girl who looks exactly like his sister-in-law, they fight crimes and become heroes to bring back justice!

Quan Zhi Gao Shou Season 2

Colored-Pencil Animation Design
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 全职高手2

Quan Zhi Gao Shou tells a story about Ye Xiu is considered to be the top pioneer and professional player in the online game Glory. He was nicknamed “Battle of the Gods” because of his skills and contribution to the game. However, when forced to retire from the team and leave his playing career, he found work at the nearest internet cafe. There, when Glory launches the tenth server, he throws himself into the game once again using a new character named “Lord Grim.”
Ye Xiu’s initial achievements on the new server immediately attracted the attention of many large players and guilds. They wondered about the identity of this extraordinary player.

Shu Ling Ji 2nd Season

40 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 书灵记 第二季

Shura Sword Sovereign

100 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 修罗剑尊

Ten thousand years ago, the ancestor of the sword killed the Sword Emperor. And since then, sword cultivators all over the world have been belittled and bullied, until a young man came into being ……Chu Mu, originally the adopted son of the Chu family, accidentally obtained the Divine Weapon Heavenly Dao Scroll, and aspired to cultivate the Heavenly Dao Origin Skill, and to do so, he even shattered his own sword soul to raise the sword soul, so he was spurned and betrayed by millions of people, and even his fiancée left him. However, Chu Mu’s challenge has just begun. Despite his practice and various magical martial arts, magic weapons, and strange beasts, the enemy is stronger and stronger. Facing the whole world’s malice towards sword repair, Chu Mu not only stubbornly resists. , And learned to resolve with humor. It’s just that the turning point of destiny has come, and Chu Mu, who is destined to change everything, is about to carry a heavier burden… Asura’s karma is rekindled! One sword destroys the blue clouds, one sword breaks the eternal…

Spirit Sword Sovereign (Ling Jian Zun) Season 4

100 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 灵剑尊 第四季

In Xifeng city, the reputation of the Chu family was known as a collapsed clan. But one day, Chu Xing Yun confidently applied for the second family of the Shui Family, Liu Xiang. His actions might be arrogant, but Chu Xing Yun had more knowledge about the future than anyone thought. In another life, Chu Xing Yun was a brave warrior from his family when the war between the Chu clan and Shui tore apart two families.

Star Martial God Technique

Ruo Hong Culture
40 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 星武神诀

In the entire world, there are twelve paths to climb the Tower of God, and in legend, these twelve paths lead to the legendary path of immortality. But this path in the Tower of God, is too long, without end. In ancient times there were many types of martial arts, unfortunately, the world underwent terrible changes, and only three remained: Fire, Dragon, and Star Martial Arts. This generation of experts from all three martial arts seeks the path of immortality. This is the story of a star martial arts practitioner who begins his life journey with two beautiful girls by his side, planning to become a Great God.

The Eternal God King

89 episodes · COMICS Ongoing 万古神王

Huge changes happen on the earth, the resuscitation of fairy makes everybody have access to celestial beings, an era of cultivation hence arrives!

Xu Han, a man who is schemed to death in his previous life, gains the initiative before the resuscitation by virtue of of his memory. He is bound to become the strongest man so as to take his revenge. The reality, however, is different from his previous life because of him, will he successfully become the strongest one?

Framed to death in his previous life, he is reborn to his high school and happens to witness the resuscitation of fairy and the radical change of the world. Being young again, he restarts cultivation. This time, he’ll protect his friends and family, he’ll leave no regret, and he’ll be the eternal king!

The Love Story of My Immortal Dad

88 episodes · COMICS Completed 仙尊奶爸当赘婿

Shocking! A mighty immortal descends to Earth, and in a strange twist of fate, marries into a family as a son-in-law!

What’s Wrong with My Big Brother Season 2

Magilm Pictures
13 episodes · DONGHUA Ongoing 我家大师兄是个反派

Second season of Wo Jia Da Shixiong Naozi You Keng.

Wonderland – Wan Jie Xian Zong 4th Season

Ruo Hong Culture
48 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 万界仙踪 第四季

After the family meeting, Yan was killed by Ye Xingyun on the road to escape, and the strength of the Yanwu family plummeted.Xuan Ming family is eager to move, kidnapping Ye Xueyun wants to take the opportunity to show off with the Qing Yu family. But was discovered by Ye Xingyun in the secrets of Ning Cheng. Finally, Ye Xingyun personally went to the Xuan Ming dungeon, not only rescued Ye Xueyun but also found it by chance. The gods lost for many years – the feather of the blackbird.

Yingxiong Zai Lin (Hero Return)

BigFireBird Animation, Green Monster Team
12 episodes · DONGHUA Completed 英雄再临

A world where justice and evil collide! A dimension where magic and science are intertwined! The retirement life of the strongest hero!